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Are you a fan of podcasts? 🎤 Self-reflection? 💭 Stimulating yet respectful discussions? 🙋 Wine (or your favorite beverage of choice)? 🍷 All of the above? 🤭 Then this is the meetup for you! 😇

In this meetup, our goal will be to do a podcast version of a book club! Each week, we will collectively decide on a podcast episode to listen to for the upcoming week. The idea is then to listen to that specific episode on our own time and then reconvene one week (can be shorter or longer depending on most people's preferences) and have a discussion about what we learned or took away from that episode. Food and drink are highly encouraged!

So how do we decide what episode we will listen to each week? Well, the goal is to discuss topics that interest each of us. I want to give every person a chance to talk about subjects they are passionate about, so we will each take turns deciding which podcast the entire group will listen to. Each week, we will have a different person decide which podcast the group will listen to.

One more thing: As we listen to the podcasts, I would like the goal for this meetup to be that we discuss the parts of the podcast that resonated with or stood out to us the most, so please don't feel the pressure to remember/understand every single bit of information from the podcast. Even if just one or two phrases/sentences/quotes stood out to you, I want to hear your thoughts on it! After, all this is a self-reflection group :)

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