A Nature Walk in Granada Hills

The Porter Ranch Walkers and Fun Club!
The Porter Ranch Walkers and Fun Club!
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Branch out from your usual routine and immerse yourself in a variety of wildlife and foliage.

O’Melveny Park and Bee Canyon Park, noted for towering trees, scenic trails and lovely picnic and play areas, offer a fairly flat 2-mile walking tour. Both parks are located in Granada Hills (northeast). The area surrounds the Bee Canyon watershed and abuts the Santa Susana mountain range. 🌿 💕 ☁️ 🌟 See you on the trail!

ROUTE: From our parking and meeting area, we'll cross Sesnon Blvd. and enter O'Melveny Park. We'll walk the "Nature Trail" or another path for 1/2 mile. We'll U-turn and walk south for 1/2 mile, stopping at a public park restroom if necessary, on our way past our original meeting area across Sesnon Blvd.. Next, we'll walk through Bee Canyon (paralleling the creek bed) on flat terrain, for 30 minutes, U-turning before we reach Balboa Blvd. We'll then walk west back to our original meeting area. Total time: 60-75 minutes.

The outing should be sprinkled with the usual mirth, merriment and goodwill for which this group is known.

Duration: 45 minutes

Pace: Approximately 1 mile in 21-22 minutes. You may check your pace using GPS or a treadmill.
Distance: 2 miles
Terrain: Hard packed dirt trail, fire road, grassy trail, pavement
Restroom: Yes
Known dangers: Rattlesnakes like to curl up near the railing on the side of the path that leads into O'Melveny park. A tarantula and a bobcat have also been seen by our group organizers. A Brown Bear was seen on 4/30/17. Dogs are able to use this trail, but must be kept on leash due to the wildlife threat.

Parking: STREET PARKING on Meadowlark Ave., Barto Dr. or Van Gogh St. is recommended (to reduce the possibility of auto theft, which is known to occur in public parking lots, including the lot at O'Melveny Park).

As with every event, it is suggested that you not leave valuables in your car in plain sight ... leave them at home. Either you or a thief can remove your items from your car, so let it be you. "HIDE IT-LOCK IT-KEEP IT"

If you RSVP that you will attend, then for any reason decide not to attend, please update your RSVP at least 30 minutes before the start time. It is discourteous to allow the group to wait for you in vain at the start.

Good things to bring on this walk: Drinking water (1 Liter), umbrella (you never know) sungear (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses), shoes with good tread; positive attitude, readiness to enjoy!

Shade factor: Varies; plan to protect yourself from the sun in the absence of clouds!

Dogs: OK (if friendly with people/other dogs, socialized, leashed, and screened prior to joining a walk). See "About us" section for dog screening information. You must follow group, local and state laws. **Dogs are able to use this trail, but must be kept on leash due to the wildlife threat.**

IMPORTANT: Attendees are bound by the information in the "About Us" section specific to this group, as well as Meetup Terms of Service Agreement (http://www.meetup.com/terms/), especially Section 6.2. You are asked to review these items, and each individual event description in it's entirety, prior to attending any event.

Every Monday and Thursday evening, we walk for 1 hour. See our calendar for details and to RSVP.

This is a fantastic group to enjoy for healthy fun and making friends. Fun and friends make it easier to do your 10,000 daily steps for your health. We want you to enjoy the benefits of this group. Our ALL-VOLUNTEER TEAM of Organizers, plus Event Hosts, do our best to make your experience pleasant, safe and rewarding. If you have questions, ask us. We enjoy having you in this group and thank you for your continued support.

Health and happiness,
Your Organizers

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