Game Night .. Let's Play Bunco!!

The Porter Ranch Walkers and Fun Club!
The Porter Ranch Walkers and Fun Club!
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Thursday, May 12, 2022
6:30 PM

Every 2nd Saturday of the month

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Let's have some fun! Come and be a part of game night! Anything can happen!

The days of quiet, quaint card games are over. A rousing game of Bunco has simple rules and lets us focus on food, fun, and fellowship.

Roll the dice and see if you get lucky! By popular request, a monthly Bunco game began being offered in early 2015 and quickly became a monthly tradition. We roll the dice, snack, chat and party.

Are you Bunco curious? The 12 seats fill up fast, so it is suggested that you sign up early. Join the Waiting List if the 12 seats are filled. You may get called to play as a substitute if, for some reason, one of the early birds cannot attend. (Note: As long as you are on the Waiting List, it implies that you're available to play, even if called upon at the last minute(same day). If you'll not be available to play, then you must remove yourself from the Waiting List prior to the day of the event.

12 of us get together monthly, usually on the 2nd Saturday or Sunday. The group consists of regular, permanent players and also substitute players who wish to be called upon when a regular player cannot make it.

Permanent players take turns hosting monthly Bunco Night. All that you need to host, is a home, in the Northwest SF Valley, that can accommodate three tables of four people scattered about.

--> This is a Pot Luck Party. Everybody knows that the two best things about Bunco are friends and food. The host supplies plates, utensils, napkins. Players bring the food and drinks! --> This group loves a colorful array of healthful dishes, so please bring a snack and beverage to share. We'll enjoy tasty, simple, healthy party food (dips, spreads, snacks, side dishes, finger foods, and appetizers) and beverage (teas, minty lemonade, sangria)...

--> IDEAS: Guacamole with upgraded sweet potato or other root chips. Hummus, falafel and stuffed grape leaves are popular. Take advantage of seasonal produce (Grapes, Cherries, Berries). Herbed Salads. A simple stew. A platter of Bruschetta offers a variety of toppings for this simple concept. Fresh cherry tomato Salsa or pesto tortilla roll-ups. Olives, nuts and dried fruit assortment ... giant bowl of black Kalamata olives - who knows? Slice up your favorite melon or toss together a simple quinoa or bean salad. Rock the ramekin, you beautiful California cooks!

-- > To avoid duplication of items, please indicate, in comments, the food or beverage item that you intend to bring.

--> Bunco! It costs $5 to play, but you'll probably get it back ;)

--> When the game is completed and score tallied, prizes are then awarded.

PRIZES: Each player contributes $5 at the beginning of the game. 12 players x $5 = $60. Winners are determined at the end of the game after each player totals up their Buncos, Wins and Losses for each round. Each player writes her totals on his/her score sheet. The host of the party then divvies up the cash awards. PRIZES for Low score, High Score and Most Buncos. If there is a tie score for a particular prize, there is a ROLL-OFF and the highest roll receives the prize.

6:30 Registration and Food
7:00 Let the games begin

NOTE: If you RSVP that you will attend, then for any reason decide not to attend, please update your RSVP two days ahead, to allow time for an alternate player to be arranged.

IMPORTANT: Attendees are bound by the information in the "About Us" section specific to this group, as well as Meetup Terms of Service Agreement (, especially Section 6.2. You are asked to review these items, and each individual event description in it's entirety, prior to attending any event.

This is a fantastic group to enjoy for healthy fun and making friends. Fun and friends make life better. We want you to enjoy the benefits of this group. Our ALL-VOLUNTEER TEAM of five Organizers, plus event hosts, do our best to make your experience pleasant, safe and rewarding. If you have questions, ask us. Thank you for being a member of this group:)

Health and happiness,
Your Organizers