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White River Canyon - Beginner Snowshoe with the DOGS

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I am a new organizer to this group. I have lead snowshoes, but in WA.

Please rent your snowshoes before hand as we will not be stopping. Next Adventures rents them for $10.

DOG: Please only sign up if your dog comes when called, is not aggressive and young enough to handle the walk. Please carry poop bags and pick up after your dog and leash your dog if he/she is not behaving.

I will be bringing a 7 month old golden retreiver/lab that I have had for just over 2 weeks.

This location is VERY busy and known as a PLAY area for kids and family. Please plan on leashing your dog when there are lots of people around and we will unleash them when there are less or no one around. It is common courtesy for those not accustomed to dog.

DIFFICULTY RATING: Beginner - going very slow .5 - 1 mph.

DESCRIPTION: This snowshoe hike is said to be pretty mellow. 600 feet in elevation. This is an out and back snowshoe. I did this last week and the 1.5 miles out wasn't far enough. I plan on hiking along the bottom of the mountain and towards the ridge. This will be steep, so not sure how far we will make, but please be aware we will be doing this. If you do not want to attempt the hill you can eat lunch at this point or just hang around and wait for us and we will all return together.

We will meet at the meet up location and head out at 8:00 am sharp, so please be there early. We’ll follow the trail out, break for lunch and to enjoy the scenery and then back to the cars and home. We will go slow to catch our breath and to take lots of photos.

I tend to walk slow, so on this trip I intend to take my time, so please be a beginner snowshoer or if experienced please plan to hike at the slowest person's pace.

Hike stats.

DISTANCE: 3 miles + as far up the ridge we can go.
ELEVATION GAIN AND LOSS (approx): 600 ft
PACE: .5 - 1 MPH walking speed.
ESTIMATED TRAIL TIME: 3 - 5ish hours. Expect to be back at the cars around 4 pmish.

PERMITS: Oregon Sno-Park Pass (November 1 – April 30)

DRIVE DISTANCE: About 128 miles. (At 10 cents/mile that equals about $12 / person for gas. Negotiate fuel with your driver)

******** IMPORTANT ********

CARPOOLING: ALL attendees SHOULD come prepared to drive themselves to the destination and be prepared to meet, ODOT requirements. Not sure if you’re in compliance? See link to ODOT (

Please note in your response if you are available to drive, if you have a pass and how many passengers you can carry.

Waiting List Notice: The waiting list for this hike is manual. The first to respond gets the spot (whether on the list or not). The point of the wait list is to notify you (and others on the list) if a spot opens up. If you don't get on a hike, we thank you for your interest and we hope to see you on a future event.

Things you should bring on this trip:

· Lunch, snacks and water for all day.

· The spirit of adventure!

· Appropriate gear and cloths – no cotton

· Trekking poles

· Camera


· Personal Locator Beacon or other emergency location device.

· The 10 essentials, winter version. REI has a good list at


Discouraged Items:

· I-pods/personal music devices – It is better to hear (as best you can) what is going on around you for safety and social interaction.