PeeWees, Toys, Minis and Small Dogs Meetup at Normandale Park

Hosted by The Portland Dog-Lovers Meetup Group

Public group

This is a past event

Every week on Sunday

Normandale Park

5610 NE Halsey St · Portland, OR

How to find us

Go to the back side of the park, located closer to 54th rather than 56th.

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The Normandale Park has had several fenced off leash spaces for all dogs, but thanks to the work of the PeeWees, we now have a space for just small dogs. Small dogs are under 25 pounds usually.

We basically get together to enjoy spending time as a group without larger dogs so the littles can romp around too.

The Pee-wees Club!

All small dog breeds are welcome to join! The group is ONLY for smaller breed dogs, toys, minis, and the like. We have some rules:

#1. Your dog should be able to participate in a play group without overly aggressive behavior and/or should not be a danger to our little ones. Please respect our pint-size participants.

#2. We ask that you bring your baggies and try to keep an eye on the little ones, toy breeds are known for their sneaky bathroom breaks!

#3. It is important for you to really know your dog. There are going to be unexpected experiences, but please take the time to learn about your dog before bringing them to a play group. We don't want to see anything negative happen that could have been avoided.

#4. Have fun and relax! Some little guys are just not used to socializing, it's tough when you can't go to a regular dog park to romp. We aren't perfect and we don't expect you to be either!

#5. The group is not liable for your dog's behavior or aggression, hence the reason you should know your dog well before attending the group. New to you dogs, rescues, and others need to learn the rules in their family before becoming a member/part of a play group.

#6. NO PUPPIES under 4 months old. Any dogs under 4 months of age haven't had all their shots updated and are therefore susceptible to more diseases. It is important that you take the time to keep your dog up-to-date on its vaccinations.

#7. FOR FEMALE DOGS - If you have decided not to neuter/spay your dog, it is important to know your dog's 'seasons'. Females in heat are NOT to be brought to the play group because your dog will create greater aggression and this is not acceptable behavior.

#8. You and YOU ONLY are responsible for your dog's behavior. Any actions in which your dog injures another dog is completely up to you. Dogs should also be licensed. The dog officers do from time to time stop in to the dog park to ask this question. And yes, you can be fined for not having your dog licensed.

#9. This group is about having fun and enjoy each other so please take the time to get to know others, but keep an eye on your dog. The best possible play time awaits all of us, but we have to work together to make it so.

Thanks for joining and we hope to see you soon!

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