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Raja Yoga Meditation Heals Soul and Body - Join us It's Free
*An Introduction to Easy Raja Yoga Meditation. *Creating the Experience. *Setting daily goals for practicing. *Sustaining the Experience. *Tracking practical benefits from meditation. We have CD's & Books as tools to enhance your progress. Note: No Fees (Donations are Welcome).

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It seems that, more and more there is a need to find a way to heal one self and help others to heal. Thousands of people of all ages and all backgrounds have spiritually and physically healed themselves through the practice of Raja Yoga Meditation healing one's own light. Raja Yoga is a king of Study and Meditation that, if it is practiced with consistency, it heals not only the Soul, but the Body too. Raja Yoga is also known as the Royal Yoga. Yoga means to connect with your inner self, it is to get in touch with the depest in you that is, your true heart. This connection is the true healing touch. The touch that will change things for good, and it is called healing the soul and body. You don't have to do it alone, when it is done in a group it becomes much easier and more encouraging. Yoga also means to connect to, it could be watching Television or Decorating, Facial Makeup. Yoga, also, is the linking of the mind to something (full attention). But, Raja Yoga is the linking with the true self, the spirit, or the soul however we want to call this living energy. Raja Yoga also means to connect even with God, the non-visible. This wonderful kind of Yoga is such that we can practice it with eyes open, any time and anywhere. Why, because there are no physical postures, but, it is just a way of thinking. The healing happen when the thoughts change. Changing the thinking patterns from negative to positive. So, many Raja Yogis have healed them selves, even from cancer, let alone other minor illness, it happen all the time. Healing with your own thoughts is an art; an art that needs to be learn in a group, not on your own. This is my depest experience and ralization. This practice includes aceptance of the True Inner Spiritual Self, whatever you are whoever you are, that's what you are. And then you can begin the work of healing or changing whatever you want to change. It takes time and deep understanding, but it is very fun. For more information you can find my contact information at or at

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