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We set up this group to interact and inform the community about mortgages and real estate transactions which involve the purchase and refinance of a home within the mortgage and real estate industries.

Since I have been involved in the mortgage industry, I have noticed one serious problem: the fact that the majority of the public is not aware of the power of a mortgage professional. They fail to fully realize just how much we can help to improve their lives financially. The majority of the public believes a mortgage professional is only helpful when buying a house. In reality, assisting in applying for a mortgage is merely a fraction of what a mortgage professional can do to help. A mortgage professional with Romeus is always willing to go above and behind that. To help our clients, even more, our services are completely free for basic transactions and services. Our group holds different mortgage and real estate topic events weekly. In addition, we have different professional mortgage agent/brokers, real estate agent/brokers and also professional insurance brokers to help provide you with crucial insight into the real estate industry. We work to organize information and provide it to our clients in a way to be used to their advantage.

If you are interested in the following, this group is for you:
• Wealth Building Through Real Estate
• Buying Your First Home
• Refinancing
• Debt Consolidation
• Home Renovation
• Paying Your Mortgage Faster
• Saving Thousands of Dollars on Interest

With a team of real estate and mortgage professionals, this group has developed a deep understanding and extensive expertise in the real estate & mortgage industries. In addition, we have also invited other mortgage and real estate agents to participate in the conversation to further assist the community in gathering the right information that would assist them during their decision-making process.

Join us today to increase your knowledge!

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