PW2 Monthly Meetup: 2020 Vision- Setting Your Intentions from your New Vibration


Welcome to 2020! We will have been in the new decade about one week when we come together for this meetup. This will be our first meetup of the year and of the decade! Let's make it a good one!

What is it that you want to create for yourself, your family, your earth? What do you want to build on and what do you want to release? How will your world look at the end of this decade -- what is your part in the creation of it? How can you use the access to higher vibrations of energy to help you?

Come join us for an evening of getting to it! Take this time to set your intentions, your vision in a group setting where the beauty of entrainment can help amplify your thoughts and visions of your life and of the world.

Hope to see you there! There is NO charge for this meetup!