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We host a community gathering every 1st Saturday evening at Loft 112 in East Village (535 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB) starting at 7:00 PM. These gatherings will feature arts and music, concise and informative presentations, and evolving community dialogue. For more information and content, find us on:

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We live in a world of relentless ambiguity, relativism, and contradiction. This complex world that we’re meant to understand is clouded and coloured, almost beyond our comprehension by: - Social, cultural, and economic injustice - Corruption and hypocrisy in government, business, and organized religion - Ideological polarization and extremism - Rampant consumerism - Existential fatalism - Fear and apathy “The Question” is a new, disruptive community that seeks to provide an organic gathering place for those who wonder about our complex selves, our complex world, our complex universe. The new community is completely non-religious and inclusive. The goals of the community are: - To re-kindle the ancient traditions of exploring truth through diverse, thoughtful dialogue and response - To offer a creative and welcoming atmosphere that encourages questions and honours the “questioners” - To provoke thought, discussion, and inquiry across the wide spectrum of life and beyond - To create and nurture a growing community of authentic thinkers and explorers

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