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Psychedelic science, is experiencing a renaissance but psychedelics remain Schedule 1 pharmaceuticals; illegal unless used in a supervised approved study.

Mushrooms, cactus, and ayahuasca are popular plants with psychedelic properties used for healing, understanding, and expansion. These plants, as well as cannabis, have been deeply valued and used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is only during the last 50 years - a period that coincides with an astronomically profitable medical and pharmaceutical industry - that we have created a culture that thrives instead on synthetic pharmaceuticals and that has vilified these sacred entheogens.

Cannabis, legal with a prescription in Maryland and many other places, is easy to obtain, is easy to use via the vast array of products, and is safe and effective for a wide variety of conditions. There is ongoing action to make cannabis legal in all the United States, and to make it available for recreational use. Cannabis is now recognized as an effective, safe replacement for opioids in pain relief, and also as a safer alternative to antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds.

Deborah Servetnick, M.Ed., Psychedelic Integration Coach, will explain how to use cannabis in a transformational way; as a way to experience a deeper connection with yourself and the Universe, and will discuss ways to optimize your personal journey. Deborah used cannabis and psychedelics as part of her breast cancer treatment She participated in the JHU Psilocybin Cancer Study and will moderate the Participant Roundtable at the Psilocybin Summit September 20, 2019. She appears in the movie “The Psychedelic Renaissance” by Desmet and Van Nuffel, has taught in Philadelphia and Baltimore, is a Certified Life Coach, and is also available by appointment for a cannabis consultation at Storehouse Dispensary.

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DC Psychonauts presents JHU Cancer Study participant

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DC Psychonauts presents JHU Cancer Study participant

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