What we're about

This is a group for Conscious Women in Durham Region to get together and share ideas, support each other, heal, and grow. We will be organizing various types of events throughout the area designed to bring Women together who want to be more Conscious in their lives.

To help you wake up to the TRUTH of who you really are and why you're really here... as in why you're really here on this planet at this time.

We believe we are all here to fulfill a greater mission and we just need to REdiscover what that is. We say "REdiscover" because when you REmember what your mission is, it feels as if you knew it all along.

We're so overwhelmed & stressed with our to do lists, and wearing all of the masks that life "forces" us to wear in order to fit in to be accepted. We constantly do things we don't really want to do just to please others. We're exhausted, depressed, anxious, and feeling like we're in the middle of thick fog with no idea on what direction to head in. All of this keeps us feeling low vibe and barely wanting to cook and clean our house, let alone worry about a bigger picture "mission" and "message" vibe. We stay stuck frozen in the fog because we're afraid to head in the wrong direction and fuck up again.

By coming together to work on our spiritual growth & awakening as a sisterhood, we create lasting bonds and help each other REdiscover the TRUTH of who we are and why we're here. We extend a hand in the fog to guide you. We act as your Spiritual Bumper Pads so to speak. We want the real raw you, and sometimes opening up to that version of yourself is really uncomfortable and hard. We've got your back.

Join this sisterhood of Conscious Women who are open to spiritual growth and awakening and dropping the BullShit masks that we all wear just to be accepted. Fuck that noise!

Listen love, we all have a unique mission and message to share with the world, let's help each other REdiscover it and become the most powerful & fierce, yet joyful & peaceful high vibe Women we can be.

We're so excited to meet you!!

Brooke & The Real Conscious Women of Durham Region

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Conscious Women Support Group

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Conscious Women Support Group

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Conscious Women Support Group

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