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Come meet our Real Estate Family in Philly :-)
Couldn't make it to Langhorne? Well now we have 2 Locations! Now we're ALSO in Philly, every Tuesday night! Register your spot right now HERE ( ( and make sure that you were referred by Jason Centeno.) Here's what you'll be learning with us. Start Building Wealth in Real Estate in Philadelphia • Top 5 Things You’ll Learn at the Event: We will be introducing our new Deal Funding Program and Lead Distribution Platform that you can get started with NEXT WEEK!!! • Learn how to get started making money ‘Flipping Houses’ right here in your local area. • Learn how to acquire the best income producing properties that can gain you huge profits! • Meet and network with other real estate investors and real estate professionals in your area who are currently buying and selling real estate. • How to replicate our success by learning our systems flipping real estate with no money out of pocket strategies. • Learn how you can invest successfully on a part time basis with little to no experience. Learn How To Invest: • Learn how you can purchase discounted real estate in a self-directed retirement account. • This is a powerful wealth building strategy because profits can grow in a tax free or tax deferred environment. • Learn how you can utilize other people's money to fund real estate deals. • This is perfect for people who want to get started yet don't have a lot of money • Discover a little known passive income real estate investment vehicle which offer maximum interest rates between 12% and 18%, or even more depending on the state. This investment strategy is supported by United States State Law, backed by real estate, and has been around for over 100 years • See why people, just like you, are making money and having a lot of success using my investing strategies, techniques, and systems. That's it? Coming? Please register HERE ( right now and make sure that you were referred by Jason Centeno. See you soon :-)

1201 E Wyoming Ave

1201 East Wyoming Avenue · Philadelphia

What we're about

There are literally A TON of other Real Estate Meet-Ups in the Philadelphia & New Jersey Area.

And while some of them are decent enough, WE are up to something ...different.

What makes us different? Well, when's the last time you were paid to go to a networking event?

Within the normal Real Estate networking model, if you're lucky, you make a connection or two, maybe even do a deal from that meeting, but the sad reality is, it take a longggg time and many many meetings and business card swaps over the years to build up to making these sorts of meetings an INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY. You Investors and Business Owners know what I'm talking about.

That's maybe even why you stopped going to Real Estate Meet Ups after a certain point, right? Feeing like it's just a waste of time?

Well guess what? Come hang out with the Rebelz and very soon you could be earning while you're learning ;-) That's just ONE thing that makes us different.

There's more. But, you're going to have to come see for yourself what else we have to offer ;-)

So call us a REIA on steroids, call us innovators, call us what you want, or better yet, come join us and then you get to call yourself what WE call ourselves... The Real Estate Rebelz.

So, if you're a contractor, handyman, real estate investor, want to become a real estate investor, hard money lender, private lender, doctor, teacher, lawyer, need a job, have a job but looking for a new path, real estate agent, broker, basketball player, DJ, Chef, Artist, Filmmaker, waitress, bartender, dancer, pretty much ANY and EVERYbody who is even remotely involved or interested in Real Estate, you are officially invited to join the Rebelz.

We want you. Heck, we NEED you!

So come on through.

And bring a friend or two.

You'll be glad you did. You'll see :-)

Real Estate Rebel #1, over and out.

P.S. Oops almost forgot, check out this sweet little video invite we made out of Legos for you...

Feel free to use it and share it with anybody who you may want to invite to come with you as well.

Thanks. See ya soon.

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