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Do you want to meet authentic business owners, grow your referrals, deepen client relationships, workshop your marketing skills, and build your business?
We're the best kind of entrepreneurs: real people dedicated to building businesses with authenticity. We learn from each other, grow our networks, build community, give & receive referrals, and have fun!
It doesn't matter if you've been in business for years, or are just starting out. This is a place where your voice is valued. Join our business networking group and enjoy:

• Unique networking events that lead with conversations before business pitches;
• Roundtable mastermind networking to share ideas and challenges;
• Lunch and learn workshops where you can contribute your expertise;
• Referral networking nights to spread the word on your ideal clients;
• Fun social networking events - wine tastings, nights out, and family events.

This group is for you if you are:
- An entrepreneur or small business owner;
- A home-based business owner;
- A network marketer growing a team;
- A work from home parent;
- Someone who wants to showcase your venue;
- Or even someone considering starting a business who wants to do it right…

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Get More Clients (Without Sliming on People at Networking Events)

A free, interactive ONLINE training for business owners and professionals who network to meet clients. Register for the webinar by clicking below: https://mgeneral0888--meetupmarketer.thrivecart.com/workshop-attract-your-ideal-client/5c396a66cff6a/ How can you grow your business effectively through networking... without feeling like you're being pushy or aggressive? How can you identify who your potential clients are in a room full of new faces? And how do you do it consistently so that you can book more follow-up meetings? In this live training by Mia & Andy Torr, the founders of Authentic Networker, you'll learn how to quickly sort people at a networking event, so you know exactly how to follow up. We'll answer your questions about networking... who to meet, what to say, and how to avoid getting stuck in the social club. And we'll share how a small shift in your approach can change you from feeling "sales-y" with everyone, to building real connections that grow your business. Make sure you get an ROI on your networking this year. Join us for a special session about skills, mindset and strategy... exclusively for members of the Authentic Networker community on Meetup! Register Here: https://mgeneral0888--meetupmarketer.thrivecart.com/workshop-attract-your-ideal-client/5c396a66cff6a/ (If you can't attend the live training, simply register to get access to the replay.)

Workshop: Attract Your Ideal Client

Needs a location


Does promoting your business to everyone you meet make you feel like a politician in campaign season? Do you wish you could find the right people who see what you do, uncross their arms, and reach for their wallets? There's way to light up your ideal clients like a light bulb, and we can show you the switch. In this ONLINE workshop, you'll learn the first step to transform your approach from chasing clients to attracting them magnetically. You can register for the workshop at: https://mgeneral0888--meetupmarketer.thrivecart.com/workshop-attract-your-ideal-client/ You'll develop an ideal client profile so you can laser target your audience with a crystal-clear marketing message. You'll come away from this workshop with a solid foundation for your marketing, even if your business serves a wide audience, and even if you've done an ideal client exercise in the past. We'll cover: the psychology (aka unicorn magic) that makes this strategy work; the exact steps to focusing on a specific audience without limiting your growth; where all these perfect people are hiding, anyway; how to write copy that attracts your perfect clients to you like Kardashians to a photo opp. It's actionable. It's easy to implement. And your marketing will flow like butter. Register Now: https://mgeneral0888--meetupmarketer.thrivecart.com/workshop-attract-your-ideal-client/ TESTIMONIALS "Andy & Mia’s course is targeted, meticulous, and focused on what is actually important. It was better than I could have imagined." - Andrew, Financial Advisor "Mia and Andy are effortlessly knowledgeable. This course flows so well, we would recommend it to absolutely anyone who wants to grow their business." - Michelle & Alyx, interior designers "My approach to marketing used to be scattered and not specific. This course helped me better decide how to spend time in my business, and now I know exactly how to take it to the next level." - Mandi, network marketer

Lunch and Learn

Tavern at Towne Lake

Confession time. How often do you eat lunch at your desk? Or staring into your phone? Since you’re eating anyway- let’s get together and make it productive and fun. Our lunch and learn events feature 2 of our very own members who have 10 minutes each to share information on their business topic of choice. Bring your lunch, learn something new, and network to grow your business! Lunch is NOT provided at this event. You must bring your own, or you can purchase it at the venue. Speakers will be announced closer to the event date. Interested in speaking at a future lunch and learn? Contact us about your topic – which must have real content that adds value to our audience, though you are welcome to promote your business at the end. After our three speakers, there is open networking time for you to share and grow your business. Bring your business cards!

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Tavern at Towne Lake

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