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The Alpha Male And The Bad Boy Demystified

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Hello Brothers,

At the next RMP Vancouver Chapter meeting we've got a powerful Take-Away:

The Alpha-Male And The Bad-Boy Demystified

So many men have experienced what it's like to be in the presence of an Alpha-male. He's the leader of the pack, knows his power and wields it with tact and compassion. Or does he? He's a no BS kind of guy and solid in his values and boundaries.

Yet we often mistake the bad-boy archetype as an Alpha-male. You know that guy too! He's a kick-as, shit disturber or a brooding complex mystery that women fall all over.

He's Mr. Nice-Guy's worst night mare.

In this week's RMP Take-Away we'll explore the energies and misconceptions that these two male energies have in our culture and our lives. As well, you'll discover some cool kung-fu to bring a little more of the authentic alpha-male energy into your life so you can be more empowered, decisive and in control of your life.

It's going to be a great night that you won't want to miss!

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The Remarkable Man Project Vancouver


There is no cost to guests for this event and you just know it's going to be a Remarkable night. So you know what to do...get your seat as we only have a very limited number of seats available!


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Gentlemen, Are you ready to step up and play a bigger game for your life?

Are you finding you are wanting a higher calibre of friends?

Are you feeling that there is more to your life than you are currently living?

Do you want better relationships with your spouse or more success in your dating world?

Do you want to take your social life to a new level?

Do you want to get around remarkable like minded men that are making things happen in this world?

Come and explore what the Remarkable Man Project has for you, your business and what matters most to you.

You will discover....A Men's movement like nothing before it.

You know what the Remarkable Man within you feels like, how he carries himself and engages others. What that image is, is unique to you. At The Remarkable Man Project we'll give you the tools, resources and support to help you get there.

As men, our personal journey is typically a solitary one, we have to have it all figured out and do the hard stuff on our own. It doesn't have to be that way. Imagine being part of a global network of brothers that truly get the challenges, issues and difficulties you are dealing with. More than that, we will hold you to a higher standard so you can break through to being the Remarkable Man you really are.

This will be a great night to connect with your fellow Remarkable Men and see just how this project will have a powerful impact in your life, your business, relationships, your community and your world.

The Remarkable Man Project is about to be the largest leadership, and empowerment network exclusively for men. Come be a part of history in the making.

It's time for men to be Champions To Women, Heroes To Children & Brothers To Each Other...It's time for men to be Remarkable. We've got your back, Brother! See you there!

There is no charge for this Ground Breaking MeetUp.

Important: We are not associated with any church, religious or political group. All men are welcome!

Seating is limited to just 15-20 seats so act quickly and reserve your seat now.

See you there!