Hypnosis: A Powerful Method of Mind Training with Sarah Gewanter

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In this Friday night presentation Sarah will talk about simple practices to access the subconscious mind for a variety of purposes including improved health and well-being, as well as expanding creativity and intuition. We will also discuss the correct use of language for self-suggestions for best results.

In the 1880’s Mesmerism, or Hypnosis, was closely associated with parapsychological phenomena. Both topics, widely misunderstood, were researched in unorthodox ways, with hypnosis becoming relatively established in psychology while research in extra sensory perception gained ground more slowly.

During the early days of ESP research, J.B. Rhine incorporated hypnosis into Zener card test, questioning the possibility of improving scores with positive suggestion of outcome. We’ve come a long way since then. Hypnosis is now a medically approved method for treating a wide variety of physical and mental conditions and personal issues. The techniques of hypnosis can be used on their own or with other forms of therapy. Because it works directly with the subconscious mind, it can be a rapid and effective treatment. As a hypnotherapist, Sarah Gewanter works closely with clients to improve problems in everyday life and incorporate effective techniques for enhancing specific abilities.

A separate workshop, "Train and Open your Mind to the Benefits of Self-Hypnosis" will be held on Saturday. Click here for details. https://www.rhine.org/index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm/event/info&Itemid=537&reset=1&id=354

Sarah Gewanter, MSSW, C. Hyp., C.I., is Clinical Director and CEO of The Counseling Center of Leicester in Western NC. She has over 30 years experience as a psychotherapist, social worker/counselor, trainer, teacher and supervisor. Ms. Gewanter received her graduate degree from Columbia University, NYC in 1981 and has been on faculty at the Columbia University School of Social Work. She is past President of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists and is certified by the Guild as a Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Trainer for the Guild.

Sarah brings a special ability, warmth and sensitivity to those who come to her for assistance and training. She uses both traditional and alternative modalities.

Admission: $20 / Rhine Members $15 / 65+ or Full-time Student w/ID $10