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Are you tired of code-switching? Or feeling like you are alone in white spaces? Or how about working twice as hard as everyone else to prove your worth? If so, this space is for you.

Founded by Shambria Williams, a USC graduate and young professional who grew tired of racist people and people of color who stem from wealthy backgrounds having little to no idea and or willfully ignorant, of challenges black females face in white spaces.

This group was created to provide a safe space for Black Female Professionals of all shades to vent, mentor, coach, listen, and most importantly develop a support system amongst women who share similar experiences.

We will host focus groups, cocktail hour, hang outs, and share tips and tricks to deal with micro-aggressions, implicit bias, intersectionality, micro-inequities, and inclusion amongst other things. We hope you will embark on this journey of sisterhood in building the right kind of professional black woman.

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You're invited to my new group 'The Right Kind of Black Girl...' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/42827069/H8p3rP

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Brunch With A Sistah! : Meet & Greet

Needs a location

Join us to greet our new members and to share a meal with old ones. Please be sure to rsvp as seating will be limited.

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Brunch 2 Bomb: The Wood Edition @ Tom George

TOMGEORGE Restaurant


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