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Welcome Brother

These circles have been formed as a space for men to share and discuss openly. In doing so empowering ourselves and one another.

My vision is for these circles to act as a platform to aid in becoming better men in all respects.

I believe these circles are for all men. I believe men need more opportunities to be in the presence of other men in a healthy way. I believe this is one solution to a multitude of very real and prominent real life issues Men in particular are subject to.

Particularly in the west there is a distinct lack of "Healthy Masculine" examples in our society. The repercussions of this have left almost an entire generation of men with a sense of
uncertainty, melancholy and lack of direction in more ways than one.

As men we have a part to play. To ensure we are steady, prepared and knowing how to answer the call when the time comes.

Stepping up in ownership and accountability. Taking steps to become better men. Steps to ensure that we will be the fathers, teachers, role models and leaders needed when the time comes.

These groups are an invitation for:

Empowerment - Sovereignty - Self reflection - Accountability - Ownership - Honesty - Vulnerability - Friendship - Brotherhood - & Much more

There is a new rising of male consciousness on the horizon and
you are invited to walk with us as we journey this path.

Join us.

- André Nicholas

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The Rising - Men's Circle

Space 88

The Rising - Men's Circle

The Temple Space


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