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The Rowan Tree Church, legally incorporated as a Church with full recognition from the U.S. Government, is an extended family throughout North America. This page is for the Pacific Northwest Community of the Rowan Tree Church, serving the Puget Sound area. We meet for Full Moons, Sabbats, and other workshops and gatherings. Our primary meeting location is Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church in Kirkland, but we are not part of the UUC.

We will use this page to invite you to those rituals and gatherings which are open to the public. Being part of this Meetup group is being part of an extended family, of the larger Circle which embraces the membership of The Rowan Tree Church. If you wish to become an official Member of our Church, we ask that you read A Wiccan Bardo, Revisited by our Founder Rev. Paul Beyerl and contact the Church directly at their Minnesota headquarters to inquire about membership.

Often you will hear and read the statement that The Rowan Tree Church, incorporated in 1979, is its members and is not a building - but what does that mean? We are a Church where our members are found in both the United States and in Canada. We are an Earth-focused network of Communities and solitary practitioners dedicated to the study of the Wiccan Tradition we call Lothloriën.

The Rowan Tree Church encourages spiritual growth through support, resources and educational opportunities for our Members. The Rowan Tree Church also offers Sunday Circles, educational programs, workshops and formal pathworking leading to an understanding of the Inner Mysteries.

Our legal bylaws state that:

I.A. "Membership is open to any person age twelve or older who wishes to share in our community. Those seventeen or less must have [written] parental consent. Members must be both comfortable and accepting of the traditional ways in which we express our religion. It is necessary that a Member be accepting of the ethics of our spiritual path, which includes a non-violent approach both of body and mind to one's interaction with the world around us. Religious tolerance (of all religions) is important as is the development of an increasingly positive outlook on reality and magick. It is also important that Members be comfortable with a variety of affectional and sexual preferences."

The Hermit's Grove East (based in Houston, Minnesota):

Founded by Rev. Paul and Rev. gerry in 1994, our educational programs includes many related fields, ranging from herbal medicine to herbal magick, an annual herbal symposium and many other disciplines. We teach the traditional sciences used by healers, including astrology and spiritual wisdom. Its publishing program makes the books of Paul Beyerl and the Mystery School of The Rowan Tree Church available to the public, as well as offering monthly newsletters. Through The Hermit’s Grove you may study by correspondence, as well as purchase dried herbs and botanicals. See the Hermit's Grove Meetups at http://www.meetup.com/The-Hermits-Grove/

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