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We hope you will join us for this most important Ritual which brings together the Magick of the Hallows Sabbat..

There will be an Ancestral Altar upon which those attending may add photos (etc.) of loved ones who have passed over. You are invited to bring photos and mementos (and take them home at the close). Please let Rev. Paul know in advance so we may be certain to have adequate space ...

The Circle and Sacred Space will be created using the text of The Ritual of Lothloriën. For those who do not have a copy of this ritual script (we all read the passages aloud, together), there are two copies kept on site which are available to be used. If you would like your own copy of the Ritual please email Rev. Paul at least a few days prior to the Ritual and we can have it there for you unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We will then all leave the Circle, returning to walk and work The Hallows Eve Journey. You will be traveling from altar to altar (element to element) and will be asked to leave donations of canned or packaged food at all five altars. October is our annual food drive. Rather than food for the dead, we collect food for the living at Hallows. Please bring five or more items. Please bring more if at all possible!
Don't forget the food drive!!!

----------------------------- I honor the Ancient Ones who were first to drum the tribe’s heartbeat upon a stretched hide. I honor the Ancient Ones who found not only joy in the blossoms and fruits but also healing medicines. I honor the Ancient Ones who were first to heal with gemstones. I honor the Ancient Ones who first brought an animal into the tribe to live amongst them. I honor the Ancient Ones who first recognized that the life stirring within the womb was to be a baby. I honor the Ancient Ones who first found a relationship between the Moon and Sun and stars and what was happening in their lives. I honor the Wise Woman and the Shaman and those who lived their lives different from their peoples so as to be one with their dreams. I honor the Ancient Ones who cast the first Circle. I honor the Ancient Ones who struggled against weather, emigrating from one place upon the Mother to another, for it is through their many journeys that I have been brought to this portal.

This Ritual begins promptly at 7:00 pm [as there are other Members in other locations who work simultaneously with us]. Please be here, changed into your robes (wear something special if you do not have a ritual robe) and able to create quiet, mentally focused time prior to our starting. 6:45 pm is ideal.

Lay Ministers will be setting up beautiful elemental altars for the Ritual. The main and elemental altars will up by 6:30 pm prior to your arrival. And following the ritual we will have time for a small potluck feast (of snacks).

Donation: The donation basket will be out. Please consider a $7.00 -$10.00 donation.

Time: 7 - 9:00PM Please arrive between 6:30 - 6:45 pm.

Location and Parking: We will be meeting in The Studio, located a few blocks north of Adair House in downtown Redmond. When you RSVP, if you need directions send me a message and I will contact you by email with detailed information about the location, parking, etc. This is a private studio which is part of someone’s home and not a public venue. It is essential that you aid us in maintaining discretion. Not all residents in this area are comfortable with religious diversity. If you need to ask someone you do not know if you're at the right location, please just ask "Is this where the meetup is?" On-street parking (there is a parking lot across the street). No driving in the driveway. The owner is very strict about this. There is a private bathroom and kitchenette.

We look forward to sharing this sacred ritual with you!

Rev. Paul Beyerl