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Does 19th-century French philosopher, Henri Bergson, haunt your dreams? If he were still living might you feel compelled to stalk him? If 'yes' to either, please check into a mental health facility immediately-- or check out our group.

And if you're new to this radical thinker, here's the skinny. Bergson was first and foremost a philosopher to include Time into the philosophical equation, and viewed time (aka motion) as something inherent to matter, not something added. Bergson also rated immediate experience and intuition above rationalism and quantitative science. For this he won the Nobel Prize in 1927. His original and very daring phenomenological perspective would come to have a profound influence on the works of philosophers such as William James, George Santayana, Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, Jean Paul Sartre, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Gilles Deleuze and profound implications for Existential Psychology.

Some of Bergson's most accessible writings, pleasantly devoid of impenetrable philosophic jargon, appear in his book, The Creative Mind, a collection of essays and lectures introducing his unique philosophical approach and metaphysical perspective-- and the current focus of our inquiry,

So whether you consider yourself a seasoned philosopher, hopeful wannabe or just a reactionary foe of traditional logic, please join us as we read and discuss Bergson's, The Creative Mind. We'll move on to other books by Bergson and other compelling neglected and sassy thinkers in future meetings.

Our group meets on the first Tuesday evening of each month. To be sure, the rewards of group participation include Wisdom and tasty snacks.

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2014 Nondual Wisdom & Psychology Conference

CA Institue of Integral Studies - CIIS

Read Introduction I & II of The Creative Mind

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Re-read 'Intro I' in The Creative Mind

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