Legends Told by the Landscape With ART

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Welcome to the Sacred Geology Meetup!

Please join us on Saturday on the Aries NEW MOON (new beginnings, examination, courage) as we share how profound art forms embedded in the geology of Earth and Venus provide important clues to missing aspects of history that correlate to our most sacred legends.

Our plan is to present dozens of profound geologic images, including one that spans 5,000 miles across Venus that correlates to the Legend of Quetzalcoatl, and other equally compelling images in the Antarctic mountains and in the American mid-west that show how terraformed murals were set in place to teach mankind (with pictures) about our true heritage. These images correlate explicitly to stories found in ancient Sumerian texts, Aztec legend, and Christian prophecy.

Included is a live GoogleEarth tour, NASA imagery of VENUS, a summary video, and a discussion of how greater awareness of this discovery can contribute to a global transformation of thought.

I'm really excited about this meetup and looking forward to meeting all the new members, as well as reconnecting with the rest!!!


No prerequisites. Cost: FREE