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Are you an empath or feel things in a different way and like you often don't fit into what people consider normal? Maybe you have a hard time meeting people or others think you're just weird and you long to be around others like yourself. This tribe is for those who want to connect with others on the sacred path of spirituality. We offer growth, support, and connectedness. This journey is unique for each soul. You will encounter energies that will either resonate or repel the vibrations of your soul. As you move forward, you discover your purpose on the path. You begin to have a willingness to heal and create a brighter place for the new souls entering this journey we call life. This is the art of the sacred path.

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Don't Doubt Your Vibe - Weekly Integration Meeting!

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Tribe Discussion - What is Fear?

Chung Mei Temple Columbarium

Tribe Meet & Greet

Chung Mei Temple Columbarium

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