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SHAMANIC ENERGY ANATOMY 101 DIY Practices To Hack Into Your Energetic Blueprint
HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW THE HEAVIER EXPERIENCES OF YOUR PAST... Keep you stuck repeating the same undesirable patterns and circumstances? Distort how you see yourself and your life? Limit you and what you believe is possible moving forward? Leave you easily triggered and feeling like a sponge taking on energy from outside yourself? Affect your physical health and mental well-being? For the past 13 years, I have immersed myself in the wisdom teachings, mentored in the healing practices and have been initiated into the traditions and lineage of the High Priests of Peru. I have supported countless clients through my Shamanic practice, to debug their energetic programs and heal the way their lives have been informed by the past; upgrading their energetic blueprint to align them with the life and world they know is possible. This ancient wisdom has been offered as a map for us all to become conscious creators of our lives and our world during these uncertain times. It is my life’s work to pass on these wisdom teachings. To support you to reconnect to your truth and awaken to the full expression of the gifts you came to share - irregardless of your path. The following offering is my first step in sharing this wisdom in the world. Shamanic Energy Anatomy 101: DIY Maintenance Practices To Hack Into The Energetic Software That Informs Your Life - See Details @ Includes (4) Live Video Conferences with Q&A, Mondays Through November For You To: BE EMPOWERED >> Hack Into Your Energetic Blueprint For Optimal Health & Well Being >> Reset Your Stress Response For Deep Rest And Lasting Positive Change >> Break-free Of Outdated Patterns & Align with Your Greatest Potential >> Clear Undesirable Attachments and Connections That Drain Your Lifeforce and Bind You to the Past Plus Essential Wisdom Teachings and Additional Support to Explore At Your Own Pace, To: BE INSPIRED AND SUPPORTED >> Ancient Wisdom To Inspire The Full Expression Of Your Gifts And The Active Co-Creation Of Your Life and The Time to Come >> Support to Clear Even Your Heaviest Experiences and Most Deeply Embedded Wounds and Trauma BE ENLIGHTENED MIND, BODY & SPIRIT >> Understand How These Practices Are Supported By Modern Day Science, Brain Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics >> Learn Practices To Best Support The Upgrades to Your Energy Body Through Essential Self-Care Practices for Your Physical Body SPECIAL BONUSES! BE UPGRADED AND ALIGNED >> A Shamanic Protection to Strengthen and Fortify Your Field >> Chakra Decoder, Essential Oil Guide and Informative Video For You to Demystify and Optimize The Filters of Your Perception >> An Essential Practice to Organize the Chaos of Life It is time to call off the search and empower yourself with the Shamanic tools and practices that these ancient medicine people left us to pro-actively take command of our lives and become co-creators of the time to come. Here's a sample of the essential wisdom shared in this life affirming offering: I hope it awakens something in YOU! Please join me...

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