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Freebase is a social database about things you know and love. It's an open, shared database of the world's knowledge, a collaborative online collection of structured data harvested from many sources, including individual 'wiki' contribution. Freebase aims to create a global resource which allows people (and machines) to access common information more effectively. It is developed by the American software company Metaweb and has been running publicly since March 2007.

Freebase data is available for use under a Creative Commons “attribution” license, and an API, rdf endpoint, and database dump are provided for programmers.

Metaweb Technologies, Inc. is a US company based in San Francisco that is developing Freebase. The company was founded by Danny Hillis and Robert Cook as a spinoff of Applied Minds in July, 2005, and operated in stealth mode until 2007.

http://www.freebase.c... (


Redland is a set of free software C libraries that provide support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF).

* Modular, object based libraries and APIs for manipulating the RDF graph, triples, URIs and Literals.
* Storage for graphs in memory and persistently with Sleepycat/Berkeley DB, MySQL 3-5, PostgreSQL, AKT Triplestore, SQLite, files or URIs.
* Support for multiple syntaxes for reading and writing RDF as RDF/XML, N-Triples and Turtle Terse RDF Triple Language, RSS and Atom syntaxes via the Raptor RDF Parser Library.
* Querying with SPARQL and RDQL using the Rasqal RDF Query Library.
* Data aggregation and recording provenance support with Redland contexts.
* Language Bindings in Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby via the Redland Bindings package.
* Command line utility programs rdfproc (RDF), rapper (parsing) and roqet (query).
* Portable, fast and with no known memory leaks.

Dave Beckett, Free software/open source software developer and designer of HTTP web services and applications for metadata, content storage and content management. Expert in web metadata, XML, RDF, Semantic Web technology and web standards. (