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Hey y'all, Happy New Year!!!
My name's Andre Liv! I've lived in the GTA for all my natural life so y'dun know I know a bit about this place. ;)
My main aspiration is to create something that has the best elements of a MLM, Stewardship and retail-type industries.
I've been looking for a way to interconnect Personal and Social activities with Business activities and discovered that the most effective way would be to make it relevant to City/Urban life, is to create integrated systems and processes, as well as foster an environment for Participants to earn income, gain invaluable work and/or social experience, while recognizing HOW MUCH their learning about THEMSELVES and HOW VALUABLE this information is, not just for themselves, but for the Human Family and all the living creatures that call this Planet Home.

I challenge you to attend any Meetup this group hosts, to get more details about how you can Participate, meet like-minded people and see how you can benefit from this unique opportunity.

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Domics' GG Gaming Café


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