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Beyond quantum physics, The School of Applied Consciousness Physics (The School) provides a practical guide to not just understanding Consciousness but understanding it in a way that you can apply to your everyday life. This 'type of learning' is so transformational and so new to the planet that it doesn't fit into any current field of expertise. Presently, there is no name or branch of education that accurately describes this new form of learning. Therefore, a new one must be created. The new name for this new branch of education is now called 'Applied Consciousness Physics.' Applied Consciousness Physics takes us beyond quantum physics as we learn about this reality not from inside this paradigm but outside of it. Wasn't it Einstein who said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them?" This material is a perfect example of this statement. We cannot understand this reality if we are still stuck in it, if we are still buying into it. The only way we will Truly understand this world is if we rise above it, move past it so we can look back and see it from a distance. It's much like being in an airplane flying over a city. This aerial view allows one to see the grid of the streets. We can see the outlay of how the city was designed. So, let's say there is construction on a few blocks. If someone who got stuck in traffic because they didn't know about the construction beforehand, had access to that aerial view, they would have likely chosen a different route. This is what is meant by Einstein's statement and this is why this material, and the work derived from it, lies outside the construct of this reality. This material is like an aerial view on the True Nature of this reality.

As long as we continue to buy into this reality, accepting it as it is, just because, it will continue to be that way. It is only when we question this reality, no longer accepting it as it is, just because, watch your world change! It is at this junction in a person's life, that they find their way to the School.

The School offers a revolutionary way of learning that is threefold:

1. Intellectual

2. Experiential

3. Vibrational

The reason The School is revolutionary is it is nonlinear in nature and construct. This means, among other things, it is not bound by the construct and confines of time and space that we have been fixed in for so long. Until now, we've literally been prisoner to linear time. The only teaching and hence, education streams currently available to us are all in linear time. Linear time only serves to satisfy the intellect. In expanding beyond the limitation of linear time to nonlinear time (and beyond from there to no time), we must expand beyond the faculty of our intellect to our other comprehension faculties. Those are the faculties of experience and vibration.

What do we learn at The School? In a nutshell, The School teaches us 4th dimension physics. Just like we have 3d physics (the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy, which is what 3d is made of), we also have 4d physics. And just like a toddler needs to learn to crawl before she can learn to walk, we had to learn 3d physics before we could know enough to be able to move on to learn about 4d physics.

That time has arrived. And that's where The School comes in. Here we learn about the nature and properties of non-matter and energy, which is what 4d physics is made of. What's more, not only do we learn about 4d physics intellectually, we learn how to understand and apply those 4th dimensional physics to our everyday life. It is in the understanding and applying of these physics that the faculties of experience and vibration are deployed.

To be clear, the School is not a spiritual teaching. The School goes beyond spirituality to the nature of reality or in one word, Consciousness. And because science is evidence- based and in this work, we replace the concept of evidence with the concept of experience, one could say it is not science either. Rather, it is a graduation or more accurately, an evolution, of both. Science and spirituality roll into this Understanding. They are aspects of It but in no way do they make up the Totality of It for this Understanding is all encompassing. Now do you see why we have such a hard time putting what The School is all about into words?

This planet is about to break through to a level of understanding of who, what and why we are, like we've never seen before.

And we get to be a part of it!

This is THE most important time in your life, bar none. This is not a joke and this is not an exaggeration.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to take not just a quantum leap but a Consciousness leap.

Once you commit to doing this work and start to experience it in your life and your being, you will never be the same again. Neither will your world, your reality. You will even be able to not just answer, but experience, for yourself, that age-old question: Who am I? It can't not be for it is Law. This is Absolute. I promise.

Sandra Kyrzakos

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RAW 911 Discussion 1: State of Emergence-y - 708 days left .... ready or not.

Welcome to the first of a brand new series called RAW. The RAW or Radically Altering Worldview Series demystifies and decodes this entire paradigm as it relates, and is applicable, to the human's point of focus. This no holds barred, no holding back Series has two goals: 1. To assist humans in understanding the 4th dimensional physics that are the basis for this You-Create-Your-Own-Reality platform upon which our entire human existence is built, and 2. To provide practical ways to apply this understanding as we navigate through the urgent, turbulent, chaotic, and for many fearful, times that are now staring us in the face. RAW 911 – State of Emergence-y 911 is the first topic in The RAW Series Collection. We all know that 911 is the number you dial when you are in a life-or-death situation. That’s exactly where we are now. It is also the reason this is the first topic in the collection of RAW Series we will be embarking on. 708 Days .... As of Jan 23, 2018, we have 708 days left to choose life. As a collective, the human species has already gone extinct. It is too late to turn things around now. We are finished. The evidence is undeniable; the Truth, inescapable; the end, inevitable. We are in a state of emergence and emergency at the same time. The state of emergency is the environment we find ourselves now in. The state of emergence is how we respond to this state of emergency and more importantly, who we choose to become - or emerge - as a result of it. The choices you make over the next 708 days will determine 3 things: a) Your state of emergence, b) How the decline and deterioration of the planet will be played out in your reality and the intensity and degree to which you will experience that devastation, and c) How long your transition will take beyond the 708 days. Will it be doom or will it be bloom? Those who are in doom (fear) will experience more catastrophes, death and destruction as their parasitic world literally implodes on itself. Those who are in bloom will experience none of that. Instead, they will enter into a very different version of Earth; a NEW Earth; Peace on Earth or simply put, Heaven. For those in doom, the end is near; For those in bloom, the beginning is almost here. We will discuss how to practically consciously create your reality so you can do what you need to do in order to manifest bloom instead of doom. We'll also be joined by a very special guest who will be speaking about the metaphysical science of Peace. A doctor, engineer, biophysicist, inventor and just plain genius, our guest offers a unique perspective as a result of his varied background and skill-set. Merging science and Consciousness with a curiosity and intelligence that is unparalleled, this will no doubt be an interesting and enlightening conversation. This is the RAW Series: Earth-shaking, Ground-breaking, Action-taking. Discussions for those who are ready to Know Truth, so they can live theirs. $20 at the door.

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Thinning of the Veil .... In more ways than one

Private Residence in Queen and Ossington area (Toronto's west end)

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