From Strangers to Friends with Ourselves: Exploring Identity & Relationships


Increasing globalisation and an ever accelerating rate of change means that for many of us, answering the classic existential question of "Who am I?" has become more important than ever if we want to make the most of our potential.

Without knowing who we are, who we want to become and who we truly care about, we prevent ourselves from living our lives fully with people who matter to us most.

Join Play Coach Portia Tung and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher Maya Dattani ( in this unique 1-day play adventure to reconnect with your playful self to figure out the person you want to be and the people who you want most to be part of your tribe.

Play coaching is a term invented by Portia. It extends the power of personal and group coaching techniques by incorporating play and humour to activate our internal resources such as creative thinking so that we can face seemingly impossible challenges and achieve seemingly impossible things.

Through a series of fun and thought-provoking activities, ranging from interactive exercises and free play to a spot of Kundalini yoga ( (known as "awareness yoga"), you will explore your identity and your relationships, clarify who you want to become and with whom. And, with a little help from one another, you will leave this workshop with strategies to start living the life as the person you long to be.

What will we explore?

• Your personal values
• Your life roles and responsibilities
• People of significance in your life
• Ideas for moving forward

Format of the event

• We apply The School of Play's Play Manifesto
• We will work in groups of 3-5 people
• You choose which activities to take part in
• You take a break as and when you need
• You don't have to speak in front of a larger group

What will you take away?

• A deeper connection with your playful self
• Fresh thinking and insights on who you are, who you want to be and the people that matter most
• Increased inner calm and confidence that you have what it takes to become the person you long to be
• A robust set of strategies to live life as the person you want to be

About Portia Tung

Portia ( is passionate about people, process and continuous improvement. She works as an Executive and Business Agile coach who combines business strategies with play to bring about positive and enduring organisational change. Portia is also the founder of The School of Play (, a pop-up school dedicated to promoting happier adulthood through lifelong play. Portia is the author of “The Dream Team Nightmare - Boost Team Productivity Using Agile Techniques (”, the first ever Agile novel where your decisions determine the outcome of the story, published by the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

About Maya Dattani

Maya uses the techniques of Kundalini yoga to help clients eradicate stress and anxiety. As part of this workshop, Maya will guide us in creating a foundation to work with our creative energy to bring out the best in ourselves through simple dynamic postures with synchronized breath, mantras, meditation and relaxation. Find out more about Maya and her work here (

About the Venue

This event will be held in The Five Arrows Hotel, a beautiful hotel that stands at the gates of Waddesdon Manor. During the day, we will also explore the grounds of Waddesdon Estate situated close to Bicester, created for Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild in the 19th Century and for over 100 years the country retreat of the Rothschild family.

Refreshments and a two-course lunch will be provided by the kitchen at The Five Arrows renowned for its scrumptious food and friendly service.

Your ticket to play

You will need a ticket for admission to this event. Buy your ticket here ( Play soon!