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The Search for Truth philosophy talk events are for those seeking to further their understanding of the fundamental questions of Truth, the meaning & purpose of Life, the "why are we here" and "where does all this lead" questions. What then, is Truth? Why is it worth search for?

Burning questions of Life, the Purpose of our Existence and Truth repeatedly arise in many people’s minds. Many desire and yearn clarification but haven’t yet found truly satisfying answers. This urge to find answers is an inner process in humans, which can also be described as “Seeking”.
How can we know if an answer that we have found really is the Truth? What actually is Truth? Why is it worth searching for?
These philosophy talks describe, in an introductory session, the speaker’s own search for answers to the fundamental questions of life. The speaker portrays how the book “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin, has been of such great help to him. This work consists of 168 individual lectures. Building progressively on one another’s content, the lectures are compiled into three volumes and offer conclusive answers to the earnest seeker. After the introductory philosophy talk session, the event ends with a reading from the Grail Message.

Additional Details:
Speaker: Sebastian Amling

Sebastian Amling regularly travels to various countries globally due to his ongoing international duties & tasks. He holds philosophy talks, lectures and round-tables on subjects crucial to our understanding of why we exist and why we are here, including the purpose and meaning of life as well as how to find and recognise Truth. A former Lufthansa International pilot, Mr. Amling engaged with and observed many peoples, cultures & societies over a number of years. He himself was driven by such questions, which eventually led him through his personal journey of Seeking and to eventually discover The Grail Message.

Mr. Amling regularly visits New Zealand, and will be holding a series of Philosophy Talks, presentations and round-table discussions in the Auckland & Hamilton regions of New Zealand in September 2016. There will also be opportunities for questions & answers, discussion & further clarifications. Auckland - Hamilton NZ Events: 19 - 23 September 2016. No tickets or entry fee required.

Dates/Times/Addresses: https://grail-message.com/events-new-zealand/

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