Visit "The Search For Truth" at the Mind Body & Spirit Festival Melbourne

The Search for Truth
The Search for Truth
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Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

1 Convention Centre Pl · South Wharf

How to find us

Booth B45 - The Melbourne Exhibition Centre is opposite the Crown Casino where Clarendon/Spencer St crosses the Yarra River.

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Visit us at the Melbourne MBS Festival if you have enquiries or are seeking answers to the fundamental / existential questions of human existence, your life, it's meaning & purpose, the Laws that govern this Universe, the Cosmos and everything we experience here.

“In the knowledge of Creation which I have given in my Message, and in the related explanation of all the Laws automatically working in Creation, which may also be called the Laws of Nature, the whole weaving of Creation is displayed without a gap; it allows every process to be clearly recognized, and therewith the purpose of man’s whole life. With unassailable logic it also unfolds his “whence” and his “whither”, thus giving an answer to every question, provided man seriously seeks for it.”


We are exhibiting at the Melbourne Mind Body & Spirit Festival - Booth B45 - Grail Message Foundation - 7th - 10th June 2019

Located in the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre. (MCEC)

“Both sorrow and joy are constantly rapping at the door to encourage and arouse man to awaken spiritually. He is then very often freed for a few seconds from the trivialities of everyday life, and in happiness or grief vaguely senses his affinity with the spirit pulsating through all that lives. And everything is life, nothing is dead!

Happy is he who seizes and holds on to such moments of affinity, using them to soar upwards.”


THE THREE VOLUMES of In the Light of Truth contain a total of 168 lectures whose contents build, one part upon another, to form a picture of Creation in entirety. The Author’s all-embracing view is based on well-known natural laws, which reveal the hidden connections of our existence and offer valuable guidance for the journey through life. The lectures assembled in these three volumes were written and developed by the Author, Abd-ru-shin, between the years 1923 and 1938.

The following are some of the many themes for which In the Light of Truth offers answers:

Responsibility, fate and karma
Death, repeated earth lives and reincarnation
The Fall of Man and Hereditary Sin
The interconnection of this world and the world beyond
Grace and Love of the Creator
Body, soul and spirit
The Son of God and the Son of Man