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We're a group of people of all skill levels who love to sew, or want to learn to sew. We're interested in all the needle arts (except tattooing - and there may be a few of us interested in even that). This group was started by a member of the Greater Seattle Chapter of the American Sewing Guild (ASG). This local chapter of the ASG has eight neighborhood groups plus special interest groups (couture, working women's couture, pattern drafting software, surface design) that meet on a regular basis - evenings, daytimes or weekends - to share skills, ideas, frustrations, solutions, new information, encouragement etc. about projects. They also have two weekend sewing retreats - nothing but sewing, sleeping, eating, sewing - field trips, semi-annual education events, and charity projects. To find out more about the American Sewing Guild, go to http://www.asg.org . To find out more about the Greater Seattle Chapter, go to http://www.seattleasg.org .

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Socializing, Showing & Telling - Our UFOs

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We all have them - somewhere in our sewing rooms, closets, drawers, wardrobes - those UnFinished Objects we started with such high hopes, or an excess of enthusiasm, or unreasonable confidence that they would turn out right. But, there they are, unfinished.

What would it take to finish them? Do they deserve to be finished or should they just turn into wadders (wad them up and throw them away!)? Have you finished any since May's meeting and now? Do you even WANT to finished them?

Please join us as we socialize and share our UFO's projects, brag about the ones we've finished, find out what it will take to finish them, or just get encouragement to "release them back into the universe" or wastebasket or whatever.

As always, if you RSVP as a yes, and then find out you cannot attend after all, for whatever reason, please update your attendance on this site so that we know not to expect you. Thanks.

I hope to see you in June!

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Almost Summer Edition - Socializing, Show & Tell

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