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Maybe you have lost some of the confidence and motivation you used to have; maybe you experience anxiety or depression; maybe you feel alone or stuck; maybe you are simply interested in the wisdom of life. Whatever your reasons, if you feel you are not as happy as you can be, and you wish to learn the secret of happiness, this is the group for you.

In this group, we will specifically tackle the following:

- What it means to have mental health
- Letting go of bad experiences
- Learning how to start good relationships
- Learning how to maintain good relationships

To do the above, we will have free weekly meetings available to the members at the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center near Marconi and Watt in Sacramento.

ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: I have been a life improvement consultant at a non-profit organization for about 20 years now. I specialized in helping people learn tools for communication, relationships, and getting rid of low self esteem, anxiety and depression. I think HOW TO BE HAPPY is the MOST important thing in life for anybody to learn. Feel free to call me (Tony) at 916-519-5287 for any questions.

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How to Let Go of Baggage from the Past

Dianetics and Scientology

Baggage from the past can weight you down and hold you in the same pattern over and over again. Ever wonder why you are having a hard time moving forward? Maybe you are carrying too much baggage from the past. Are you still carrying baggage? To find out, answer these questions: 1. Are you desperately trying to avoid certain situations, conditions, or people that have hurt you in the past? 2. Do you keep running into the same situations, same conditions, or same type of people that have hurt you in the past (same patterns)? 3. Do you get angry, afraid, or sad talking about certain people or events of your life? 4. Do you avoid thinking about, or even cannot easily recall, certain unhappy periods of your life? 5. Are you thinking too much about, or cannot get out of your mind, certain people or events of your life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that you are still carrying negative emotions from the past, which means you are still reacting subconsciously to them and not free of them. Come to this meeting to learn how to let go of these baggage. I have been helping people letting go of baggage for the last 20 years at a non-profit organization. Let me tell you how. You DESERVE to be free from these baggage. Completely free! If you have any questions, please call Tony at[masked]

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How to Start and Maintain Good Relationships

Dianetics and Scientology

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