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The Self-Care Sisterhood

Being part of a sisterhood means never being alone

When you are isolated, alone, or stressed, self-care goes out the window and personal wellness suffers. The Self-Care Sisterhood is a group of diverse and dynamic women from all walks of life who want a safe place to let go, explore personal issues, and be supported by women like themselves.

You may be pursuing a college degree, juggling career and family, preparing for retirement, or anywhere in between. Perhaps you are contemplating a career switch, in the middle of a divorce, struggling with a chronic illness or just going through the highs and lows of everyday life.

The Self-Care Sisterhood offers you relief from the anxiety and stresses of life among a community of women with no agenda except to support you.

The only requirements of our group are being proactive about your wellness journey and having a willingness to support others on theirs. We do that by showing up and creating a safe space where we can trust and feel secure to explore feelings and circumstances that are difficult to discuss elsewhere. We celebrate your wins, hold your hand through your losses, share in your life experiences. Bring your questions, hopes, fears, and unique perspective on life that can enrich others. Conversations and experiences shared with the Self-Care Sisterhood are kept confidential. When another sister is speaking, we do not compare, judge, or push our own agenda. Growth can occur when there is a container to hold your roots, your stems, your new petals. Let the Self-Care Sisterhood be that safe container to support you while you grow and reach upwards toward the sunshine.
The Self-Care Sisterhood has 3 different program offerings; there is something for everybody! Whether you are new to personal development, or a seasoned seeker, The Self-Care Sisterhood is here to support you on your journey.

Program Offerings:

• Introductory Evenings:

Come get a taste of what we are all about. During the two-hour engagement, you will hear from Sisterhood facilitator Jill Brogan about her vision for the group and participate in some of the exercises you can expect to do in the programs. Enjoy a hearty, vegetarian soup in a casual and welcoming environment and find out if this group is the right fit for you. Please be on time as to not miss the giveaways. Oh, and bring a friend! The offering price includes a +1, so coordinate with a favorite woman in your life and come share an evening with the Self-Care Sisterhood. Introductory events are on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6.30-8.30pm.

• The Sisterhood Group (3 months):

This group meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 6:30-8.30pm. At each gathering, there is a combination of partner work, group interaction and 1:1 facilitation by Jill. You can share your thoughts about that meeting’s theme or relate something personal about your self-care. Setting goals as a means of moving into action are encouraged but certainly not required. Hearty, vegetarian soup and bread always provided.

• Advanced Development Group (6 months):

A unique approach of personal one on one coaching along with a supportive group environment! This group is for women who have demonstrated a desire to change. Women who have declared a commitment to transform their situation and want to go deeper to understand how to unravel habits and beliefs so they can have the life they want. Not everybody will be accepted into this program. If you are interested in taking a deeper dive and taking consistent action, I want you to come to an introductory evening and then apply! The advanced group meets 2nd Wednesdays of the month from 7.00-8.30p and the 1:1 coaching call scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. And you guessed it, there will be soup!

For questions or more information please email: Jill@Jillbrogan.com

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Believe & Receive May 18th

Sebastopol, CA

If you desire greater intimacy and to be vulnerable in your relationships but don’t where to start… this is for you. If you are one of those people that likes the concept of 'the world is my oyster' and full of opportunity, but don’t know how to tap into the energy, this workshop is definitely for you. In this 1 day workshop, we will dive into what it means to really love and trust ourselves and cultivate more of these positive emotions using visualizations, reflections, small group work and 1:1 coaching facilitation. The simple but profound quote that 'you cannot love someone until you love yourself' also reigns true for trust-- it must come from within. Moving through life from this place of love and trust allows for full immersion in every moment. We are able to safely receive all the abundance that the world has to offer! You have a unique and exquisite set of gifts that have gotten you to where you are in life and these same gifts of yours, with a little fine-tuning, can steer you into the next chapter of life. The greatest chapter yet! After completing this workshop, you can expect to feel a renewed sense of confidence and connection with yourself and your community and come away with a realistic game plan to reclaim your dreams. Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/believe-receive-may-18th-tickets-60022824885 *Location is in Sebastopol, CA and address provided after registration *This workshop is intended for people who identify as women *Snacks, water and tea provided *Journals, and colorful writing utensils encouraged! * Questions? Email: [masked] * More about the workshop facilitator, Jill Brogan can be found at JillBrogan.com

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