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This group's vision is to create a landing space for like-minded people within the Toronto community, to connect, create, collaborate and grow. The Self-Love Society and StudioBe are sister organizations dedicated to assisting “fellow travellers” on their journey of self-discovery. Our mission is to cultivate health, wellness, creativity, spirituality, social change and, ultimately, Self-Love. About the Self-Love Society: Consider this practical analogy… When you’re on an airplane, you’re always told that, in the event of an emergency, you need to secure your own oxygen mask first before assisting other passengers. Why would you be told to think of yourself first in a “life or death” situation? Because you are an invaluable resource that needs to be fully functioning in order to offer the highest degree of help to those around you... And therein lies the basic idea of Self-Love: honoring and tending to your own needs in order to be the greatest version of yourself that you can be, and to live your most joyful and purposeful life, which, in turn, allows you to fully be present to those around you. The idea of making yourself a priority in your own life may seem like a foreign concept to most people in today’s society, and may also be confused with being conceited or selfish (in its negative connotation, as we’ve been conditioned to interpret it). But in its truest sense, Self-Love is not only a gift that you give to yourself - it’s a gift that radiates to everyone and everything around you! About StudioBe: StudioBe is a very special space - attracting artists, healers and other professionals who wish to offer our community a place to discover, play and grow. In addition to hosting various events, we are proud to offer affordable accommodation to fellow travellers and out-of town workshop presenters who need a place to stay in Toronto. Our guest house option is convenient, cost-effective and very hip and encourages our guests to feel welcome in a beautiful loving energy while sharing space, lively conversation and connection with some like-spirited people during their visit. We hope you will come and share the experience of The Self-Love Society @ StudioBe. There's nothing else like it in Toronto.

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