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Sensory Awareness is an experiential study that helps us rediscover our natural birthright: an embodied felt sense of authenticity and vitality. Sensing focuses on the cultivation of an ever deepening awareness of our sensory experience as a gateway into ourselves and into deeper connection with the world around us.

We don’t have to do anything special. No techniques or exercises. We are already sensing all of the time. We only have to learn to pay attention to our own experience in a way that is not common in western cultures, where we tend to be more focused on experiencing our lives from the neck up. On the other hand, this work is very accessible. People commonly report a sense of truly “coming home”: To ourselves, to each other, to everything that exists.

In workshops, classes and individual sessions students are guided through simple sensory experiments to help them become more deeply attuned and responsive to the felt sensations and dynamics of gravity, breathing, balance, energy, movement, and more. Through a progressive awareness-expanding process, habitual thoughts and tensions recede into the background as our senses revive and we come to experience life more fully and clearly in the moment. In this way we can gradually develop our capacity to embody greater ease, presence and authenticity in everyday life.

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Green Gulch Farm Zen Center

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Keystone Dance Foundation Inc

Fort Mason Classes with Richard Lowe

Fort Mason Center

Workshop with Marlene Zweig in Denver CO

People House

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