What we're about

Who this group is for ?

a) People having DIN , DPIN or Director Identification Number or a registered legal entity in India.

b) If doing tech Startups people who are more inclined towards IT Product based startups rather into pure IT Services

c) If not doing tech Startups people who are inclined preferably towards Social Entrepreneurship and doing some existing work in their area of interest.

d) Entrepreneurs doing it fulltime rather than as a side-project.

e) People who have taken a risk in the past or taking a risk right now.

What will we offer ??

We are hoping to make a connecting platform entrepreneurs in execution and help them mutually in solving any type of problems they are facing.Some of the common problems entrepreneurs face are following

a) Lack of Seed Funding from either their alumni or other people.

b) Lack of Ideas in materialized form to develop it further

c) Weak business revenue model in the long term

d) Weak Sales and Marketing

e) Lack of incline towards innovation and Research and Development

f) Lack of family support and Peer pressure

g) Very less authentic and reliable Startup incubators and accelerators

h) Startup activity restricted to mostly metropolitan cities like Bangalore , Mumbai , Hyderabad and Delhi

i) Lesser number of successful exits or acquisition of companies in the long run

j) Big corporations in India not very helpful of startups.

k) Hiring in India is a terrible option to exercise.

Who this group is not for ?

a) Wannapreneurs just looking to hangout in the events and discussing stuff

b) People with full time jobs doing startups as some side work without registering a legal entity

c) People looking to raise funds for short term purposes

d) If in the area of Tech Startups have more likely a Product based startup or if it is a service based one should be some unique and innovative service rather than typical website developement and SEO firm.

Though we have mentioned the location of our group as Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh we can also cover other regions or have a sort of online meetup if people are interested.

We also have a group on skype for people who use skype on a regular basis can join

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