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Every 2nd Saturday of the month

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mission statement

main purpose of the seth group is to assimilate seth awareness.

“you create your own reality.” seth. the group meet up will help members to acquire skills, tools, experiences to accomplish this.

seth meet up is free. all participants are screened. this meet up is for advanced seth students. you should have read one of seth’s 3 main books; ‘seth speaks, the eternal validity of the soul’, ‘the nature of personal reality’, and ‘the nature of the psyche’. one of those 3 books is a prerequisite before being accepted to the group. ‘the seth material’ is an introductory book to those 3 books. good to read that book first. there are at least 33 books published that contain a treasure trove of seth speaking/seth material. probably many more. those 3 books will give you a vocabulary to communicate the seth concepts and experiences.

to elaborate more on the groups’ purpose. the participants will do seth exercises at the group meeting. we will discuss seth ideas, processes, and share personal insights and experiences. we meet once a month. the seth theology is identical to the abraham/hicks teaching. abraham focuses on about 1% of what seth teaches. seth covers much, much more of the breadth and depth of what abraham covers. seth material is identical in many ways to ‘a course in miracles’, and gnosticism, and zen, and sufism, and taoism, and all disciplines that deal w/the inner landscapes of the psyche. seth has his particular language, methodology, etc. to express all this. that is why one of the books is a prerequisite reading. however if you are familiar w/the other disciplines that map out the inner landscapes you should be comfortable w/seth. “you must look in before you look out.” ACIM. “your outside world and inside world are actually the same.” ACIM. “you are the traveler and you are the landscape in your dreams.” Seth.

the meetings will be the second saturday of odd numbered months--e.g. jan, march, may, july, sept, nov. venue will change according to weather and whim and the holy spirit (the Whole Spirit/All That Is). contact the facilitator—bubba— below for information.

bubba has no internet/lives off the grid. he checks his fone a couple times a wk. seldom carries a fone on him. fone # for information:[masked]
email facebook contact: bubbachuk singleton, midlothian tx.
email: [masked]