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Our heart is not just a pump that draws oxygen from our lungs to oxygenate our blood but an organ that produces anelectromagnetic field five thousand times more powerful than that created by the brain. The heart not only transmits field pulses of electromagnetic energy, it also receives them like a radio and like a radio, it is able to decode the information embedded within the electromagnetic field it senses. It is in fact, an organ of perception.

In this class we will journey into our hearts to develop a clearer sense of how to connect with our hearts as an organ of perception and communication. We will do heart centered meditations and experiential exercises, to gather knowledge perceived by the heart that helps us live a fulfilled life, in deeper connection with ourselves and with others.

This evening will be facilitated by Alan Waugh who has been studying Shamanic Practices since 1997, though has had many life changing "Shamanic " experiences since a teenager.

He has volunteered as bedside care giver with the Zen Hospice Project for the last 20 years and has been practicing heart centered practices since then. He works as a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Healer and Teacher in Oakland and the SF Bay Area, incorporating many powerful multi cultural techniques to offer profound transformational shifts.

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