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Exploring how to get the Shizzle back into our lives - so we love them!
I am really looking forward to meeting my fellow Shizzlers and hosting a discussion about how to get the Shizzle back into our lives. The science is showing that our thoughts leave traces and we create our own self fulfilling prophecies. So if you are not having the most fun in your life, I will show you how your own thoughts may be influencing the outcome and what you can do about that. Our world is changing constantly (entropy) and by adopting a different belief and behaviour of letting go the need to be right, we can free ourselves and become unstuck. This helps our self esteem and our relationships. How to get the playful back into our lives is up to us. Let's enjoy this one life that we have been given!

Dublin city center

(exact location TBA) · Dublin

Respond by: 1/8/2019

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You know its time to make a change, take new actions, stop the struggle, find your own path, step out of your overwhelm - but how?
Be the shizzle – Figure out how to bring your playful back whilst getting on in your life.
When you are young, everything is black and white. Right? Then as you get older suddenly there are grey areas and then BAM! One day the world is just grey.
Shizzle is colour, shizzle is strength, shizzle is confidence, shizzle is playful.
And shizzle is your right to have back.
Join us to get your shizzle on.

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