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Discovery of inner truth.... is it serving or sabotaging us?
Discovery of our inner truth and how it serves/sabotages us The answer is always within... no exception. The world around us is created through our inner reality. Our view of the world and how we see who we are within, shape and drive the context, the outer environment and the kind of experiences we have. The way to shift the outer world starts with being aware of our inner reality. What is our inner believes about ourselves? What is our "auto" response to people, things and situations? How does our thinking patterns serve or sabotage us? This session is highly experiential. Participants get insights through 3 ways of participation: a. As a issue holder and the group works together on the issue, b. As a representative within the context of an issue, c. As a space holder to observe and simply be part of the context. All 3 ways of participation enables learning, gaining insights and be more aware of our "operators" that is unique to us within. Only with awareness, we can then make clear conscious choices for ourselves. Join us in this discovery of our inner truth... Time: Saturday, Sep 22nd, 2018. 2pm - 6pm** ** please arrive 15 min earlier to settle logistics. Venue: Shuniya 33A Hong Kong Street, Singapore[masked] Fee: S$150 per person Although the style and approach of this workshop is significantly different from Family constellation work originated by Bert Hellinger. We acknowledge Bert Hellinger for his discovery of the phenomenological tool, and the understanding of dynamics within personal, family or organization systems. The Facilitator Ya-Ning TUNG facilitates in a group setting where participants form the constellation that represent the relationship issue you wish to work on. Through this process, the issue owner gains perspectives and insights into what's the underlying dynamics in relationships and how to influence the reality and transform the hidden dynamics to serve life. Ya-Ning has been exploring the meaning and purpose of life. She left a 20-year corporate experience managing global operational teams as Regional Director of Operations in 2009. While still in the full-time corporate role, she started training in numerous coaching, counseling, NLP, energy healing and spirituality related modules with focuses on working with the body, mind and soul. Ya-Ning believes that Systemic Constellation, a phenomenal tool discovered and developed by German psychotherapist and philosopher, Bert Hellinger, is one of the most impactful approaches to connect one with one’s inner truth. She started training in this work since 2005 and started facilitation in 2010. She has been undergoing various trainings with world renowned constellation trainers, including Chris Walsh ( Australia ) “Mindfulness Based Systemic Constellation Training, Svagito Liebermeister ( Germany )“The Roots of Love” and “The Zen way of Counseling”, ISCA International Intensive Training in Bernried Germany ( 2009 ), Australasia Intensive Training in Sydney (2011), as well as training with the developer, Bert Hellinger, in Kuala Lumpur ( 2009 ) and Hong Kong ( 2013 ).


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    Our deepest relationships with the people in our lives - parents, spouse and/or children provide us with the resource and support we need. At times, however, these relationships, instead of being a source of support, become a source of challenge. Through Bert Hellinger's work in Systemic Constellation, he discovered hidden dynamics within family systems can be the reason why we are not experiencing the positive effects of family support. Such dynamic exists in all family systems and is deeply rooted in our genes. Through love and awareness, we can transform the dynamic to be a life-serving force that nourishes us in all aspects of our lives.

    Systemic Constellation Work is an experiential process that brings these hidden dynamics in our relationships to light. Hidden dynamics can be affecting one's relationship with self, with people, as well as with material aspects, such as money and career. The hidden dynamics, although at times experienced as an challenge, always point to a resolution that's life-serving. By following the resolution presented by the system, we allow an expression of love that energizes and supports us in life.

    Systemic Constellation addresses a variety of issues including, and not limited to, the following...

    * Unexplained emotions like anger, sadness, grief or shame

    * Difficulty in developing and maintaining relationships with people

    * Persistent health problems

    * Lack of purpose and direction in life

    * Difficulty in keeping job or money

    The Facilitator:

    Ya-Ning TUNG facilitates in a group setting where the group work together to form a constellation that represent the relationship issue you want to work on. Through this process, you gain perspectives and insights into what's causing blockages in relationships, what caused the situation and how to influence the reality.

    Ya-Ning has 20 years of corporate experience managing teams across the globe and developing people across countries in her previous role as Regional Director of Operations in a MNC. She has been trained in numerous coaching and counseling modules with focuses on leadership, personal empowerment and talent development. She believes that Systemic Constellation, a methodology founded and developed by German psychotherapist and philosopher, Bert Hellinger, is one of the most impactful and empowering approach to get clarity on complex human system issues and uncover one’s inner strength. Ya-Ning has several years of exposure to this work, and has been trained by numerous trainers in this work, including Bert Hellinger.

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