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Singapore Entrepreneurs Network (SEN) Monthly Meetup
Good day everyone! Same relaxed crowd, same great food, NEW location as at May 2016! Do feel free to bring your friends along for a night of good conversation and good food and I do look forward to seeing you all there! For your benefit, here are some Frequently Asked Questions: Q. Is there any fees for attending the event? A. As at May 2016, there will be a S$15.00 entrance fee paid directly to the venue (Mint - Museum of Toys). There is a 1 drink entitlement in exchange. Q. How do I get to the location? A. Please read all the instructions below. Driving, walking and public transport instructions are as below. Q. How do I know who in the cafe are coming for SEN? Can call I call your handphone to ask you that? A. Just ask anyone you see at the entrance of Mint - Museum of Toys "are you here for the SEN meetup?", the odds are that they are. I am not always in the cafe on time due to work commitments and I have had enough bad experience of phone harassment in the past. Q. What is the agenda of this monthly Singapore Entrepreneur gathering? A. There is no agenda. It is a free-and-easy meet-and-greet coffee session. For more structured events, please refer to the other events listed in Singapore Entrepreneurs Network. Q. Why am I FORCED to buy a drink and/or food? A. You are not forced to buy a drink just as much as you are not forced to turn up for any Singapore Entrepreneurs Network event. If you don't like this rule, please do not turn up and throw a tantrum. For the record, the organizers does not earn any commission whatsoever for any purchases made by attendees. Q. Why Mint - Museum of Toys? Are you under their payroll? A. The decision to select Mint - Museum of Toys at Bras Basah was based on the fact that it is in-between 2 SMRT stations and multiple parking locations conveniently located in the city. That and the fact that the management welcomes our presence. And no, I (Nicholas Chan) am not on their payroll. Q. I am not an entrepreneur/I am a student/I am thinking of becoming an entrepreneur/I am a government worker/I am a corporate worker/etc. Am I still allowed/able to come for the event? A. Sure! Q. I have this marvelous new method of making money the easy and fast way via Multi-Level Marketing/Personal Franchising/insert-other-similar-names... A. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP AND HARASS OUR ATTENDEES. And NO, I do not intend to answer your questions "why/what is wrong/why are you so closed minded/why are you etc etc". Q. I have this great idea! But why don't you do it for me? A. Singapore Entrepreneurs Network is a volunteer driven initiative. I am under no obligation to do anything for you, and neither are my fellow co-organizers. That said, we welcome whoever wishes to organize an event series as long as you have commitment in running the events. DIRECTIONS TO MINT - MUSEUM OF TOYS Map of Mint - Museum of Toys - For those driving, parking is abundant at Bras Basah Complex and you can cross the road via the traffic light towards Raffles Hotel. The Mint - Museum of Toys is located 20 meters in front of the traffic light, behind Rocky Master cafe. For those taking MRT, you will alight at either Bugis or City Hall MRT. Walking instructions from Bugis MRT Exit the MRT and walk in the direction of Hotel Intercontinental. Upon seeing the National Library, cross the road while keeping alongside the library and continue walking forward until you see Bras Basah Complex and cross the road at the traffic light. Continue walking down "Seah Street". The Mint - Museum of Toys will be on your left. Walking instructions from City Hall MRT Exit the MRT and walk in the direction of Raffles Hotel. Upon seeing the hotel, cross the road while keeping alongside Raffles Hotel and continue walking forward until you see Mint - Museum of Toys at the end of Raffles Hotel.

Mint Museum of Toys

26 Seah Street · Singapore


What we're about

Welcome, fellow young entrepreneurs.

As a young entrepreneur in Singapore, life's difficult if you aren't in the circle.

Enter: The Singapore Youth Entrepreneurs Alliance

An alliance is an agreement or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.

Join this group to immerse yourselves into the entrepreneurship community in Singapore. This group will be a rallying point for all youths who are passionate in entrepreneurship.

This group will serve to be the foot in the door for young people who want to grow and learn about business, in every industry.

The stark truth is this: You will not truly understand the business world and entrepreneurship unless you immerse yourself into it. Why? Because in school, you are taught theories and concepts that are generalized, almost too generalized. And this is made worse with the ridiculous idealized concept that anyone can be an entrepreneur. You do not get to see things as they really are, as they really operate. You learn a school of thought that could be applicable, but you do not know the reality of things.

Start understanding how the world really works by interacting with real world entrepreneurs.

Support each other in your entrepreneurial journey by sharing your own experiences.

Stand up for yourself and play a part in helping yourself grow.


The Singapore Youth Entrepreneurs Alliance will be a point of syndication for as many entrepreneurship activities as possible.

We will be conducting our own Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Meetup every 1st Friday of the month.

Our direction is our promise:

“We will be a youth entrepreneurship organization and a fraternity first founded in Singapore. We combine the culture of innovation and grounded principles of business organizations and the dynamism of youths into an alliance of the future business leaders in Singapore.

The closeness of social relationships formed by the alliance will anchor youths around building and starting up their enterprises. We intend to incorporate entrepreneurship education into our meetups, to ensure that members of the alliance do more than merely talk. They explore, risk, and dare to seize their dreams.

After all, what are we living our lives for? Don't get bogged down by mundane work, pursue your passions, and understand how it fits in the larger picture. Guarantee your own success -- Start growing now. Join us, and open yourselves into a world of new possibilities.

For The Singapore Youth Entrepreneurs Alliance,

Frederick Lee, Co-founder of a stealth mode mobile technology startup in Singapore

Carpere Somnium, Vitam Agatis

Seize the dream, live your life

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