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Let's keep it real here Sisters

As women we juggle many things in life. We try to stay on top of everything, trying to keep strong through the emotions,dealing with difficult relationships, plastering on a smile when we feel like crying, doing our best to balance work and family life, feeling we have to be the superwomen. We hold on to hurts people cause us, beat ourselves up when we mess up. The days when we want to be alone and hide under the covers. We all have those moments. Know your not alone.

The purpose of the Sisterhood Healing Circle is to create a safe space where women from all backgrounds, race and cultures can come together as spiritual sisters to talk, be heard, express, share ,dance ,heal , build self esteem,sing, laugh, cry, be creative, grow, learn from each other and embrace our femininity within a non judgmental environment.

As the circle sessions will involve being seated on the floor you will be required to bring along a cushion or comfortable mat. (A Yoga mat will do).

We welcome you sisters. X

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