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Hackathons are great, but they usually entail getting a bunch of techy people together to build a tech solution without much thought for what it would actually take to implement it in a meaningful way; that’s why we’re calling this the (un)hackathon.

We’re aligning this exercise with the Sistech mission: to affect radical change in the technology workplace by challenging the corporate status quo on diversity, inclusion and gender equality matters. These are big, broad and pervasive business problems that require complex, creative and non-traditional solutions from perspectives not typically represented at a hackathon.

Who’s the (un)hackathon for? We welcome project managers, hiring managers, lawyers, organizational effectiveness, change management and human resources professionals, as well as the usual hackathon suspects like developers, data analysts, engineers, etc. It’s critical we account for all of these perspectives and tap these minds when searching for solutions that will make a real difference!

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