Slightly Silly Party

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Devereux Court

Devereux Ct · London

How to find us

The Devereux Pub: to find it, follow the alleyway along the George which is a pub sitting just opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, at the end of the Strand. Nearest Tubes: Temple or Holborn.

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We are going to party...

Let me reassure you first:

You will be able to behave "normal" all evening long if you wish and you won't feel any pressure. Utter respect is granted to everyone, and it's the only rule.

Other than that... there will be a few clowns in the crowd. They may make you laugh at the odd moment, but the purpose of their presence is showing freedom.... as an invitation.

Freedom to move differently... Freedom to walk like a duck (or a bear., or an octopus...) when going to order drinks. Freedom to talk with a silly voice, freedom to be introverted and communicate with smiles and signs only, freedom to sing improvised songs with improvised choirs if it happens, freedom to dance ridiculously, freedom to do your yoga in company, freedom to ask silly questions... "What do you love?" - "What is your totem animal?" or "what do you think mine is?" - "what makes you angry? What makes you happy?"...

(A deck of slightly silly conversation starters cards will be available)

Freedom to be childlike and feel safe.

Just a few hours before pretending to be normal again.

-NB: The event if free to attend, open to loving, kind and silly people without discrimination. We are in the Function Room of a pub: the Devereux.