Optimizing Your Job Search Mindset

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Do you find yourself being highly motivated to complete some activities and tasks, while procrastinating endlessly on others?

Do you oftentimes wonder why others do what they do?

Why do some people fill you up and inspire you to act, while others drain you and leave you feeling empty?

What is the most important factor that will influence your engagement and success in life and work?

The commonality between all of these questions is energy. Energy is behind everything we do. It allows us to get a lot accomplished and to feel joy, peace and inspiration...or not. Energy dictates how we show up for any situation in life, and it is based on your mindset. In this discussion, we will examine the seven energetic perspectives, as laid out by Bruce D. Schneider in his book Energy Leadership, and the effect they have on our actions. You will learn how you can use your mindset to harness the power of energy to be an effective leader, to be more productive, to be happier, and to get more of what you want in your life and work. Once you understand how energy works, you are at choice for using it to your benefit. You will be able to use energy to motivate and inspire both yourself and others to reach your true potential.

Learning Outcomes
● Recognize the connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions
● Identify the energy behind what you do, as well as those with whom you interact
● Access the energy that will best serve you in any given situation
● Cultivate more of the energy that helps you level up as a leader

Topics and Activities
● Wheel of Life & introductions
● Catabolic & anabolic energy defined; connection between thoughts, feelings & actions/outcomes
● The seven perspectives of energy leadership- explanation of each perspective, how to spot them and reflection on where and with whom these show up for participants
○ Perspectives 1 & 2- Where does this show up for you? Challenges? Strategy for dealing with these levels (pair practice)
○ Perspectives 3, 4 & 5- Where does this show up for you? Strategy for shifting your mindset to cultivate more of these energy types
○ Perspectives 6 & 7- Where does this show up for you? Strategy to cultivate more of this energy
● Practical application- tips and tools for shifting your mindset to intentionally use energy leadership to empower and motivate yourself and others; commit to an action to take right away
○ Values assessment

Speaker bio
Karen Bartlett, founder of Ascension Professional Coaching, is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, brings over 25 years of varied and colorful experience to the table. While she has operated in many industries and roles, the bulk of her career has been spent in the education field, empowering kids from birth through adult to find their inner brilliance and reach their full potential. She has owned three small businesses and worked for and with numerous non-profits. She believes we can all ascend to “the good life.”