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Alright, third place posting this - I'll figure out how to use this site eventually :) Thanks to Brian for telling me about the "Suggest a Meetup" feature! Here we go:

In the spirit of Halloween - my favorite time of year - I'm currently in the outline stage of a mini-campaign for the month of October. Without giving too much away, it'll be a paranormal horror "haunted house, solve the haunting" kind of game using Pathfinder mechanics. It'll likely be combat-light (i.e., combat heavy fighter characters would likely get bored) with heavy focus on investigation, puzzle-solving, and lots of opportunities for roleplay - especially inter-party and player vs. environment roleplay. :EDIT: CHARACTER LEVEL 9, official Pathfinder content only (core, Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, etc.).

Since I'm still in the early outline phase, I'd like to gauge general interest. I have sample character concepts (stat-less at this time, see https://docs.google.c... (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vwxOs7941p_OZCDDvcbVtPd7JOv08pFaOHJ7pFbiUOA/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1)) that people can either use directly (stat yourself or I can create it) or modify to their own needs as long as it doesn't break the setting, or come up with their own character concept (but please PM me with a short paragraph of character concept before proceeding with full character creation for approval). If you want to use one of the concepts provided, let me know so people don't double-book on characters. Early RSVPs at this stage also get a bonus of possibly getting content more directly involving their character. Tip on character creation: given the paranormal nature, diverse spellcasters are encouraged (but not required).

Also, gaming trolls and rules pedantics need not apply. It's only my second campaign, so please be gentle!

** Note: Apparently Suggested Meetups are automatic with 3 RSVPs, including mine. I would like a minimum of 4 PCs. **

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