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Mindfulness Mentoring
For new and existing members, please join us at the Chandler Medical Plaza for an open house on Mindfulness Mentoring. This is an opportunity to learn more about life coaching, mentoring, pediatric psychology and related areas. Those who are interested in Introspective Coaching, meditation, stress/anger management, graduate studies, and preparing for LPC should attend. Individual LPC supervision/consultations can be scheduled at this event

Chandler Medical Plaza

424 S. Corinth St Rd. · Dallas, tx

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What we're about


Welcome to the Society of Eclective Consciousness (SEC). For those who are curious, the word "eclective' is derived from two definition sources: The English Dictionary refers to the term "eclectic". It can be used to define a life coaching school of thought known as multiculturalism or diversity. The British Dictionary also refers to the suffix "-ive" to mean pertaining to or tendency. With this, "eclective" can reference the psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual aspects of life coaching. SEC is the educational segment of CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC, owned and directed by Donald S. Chandler, Jr., Ph.D. CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC is a registered company in the State of Texas, USA. (See All Members are required to review and abide by the applicable policies and procedures of CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC and guidelines noted herein:


The mission of SEC is to promote human growth, self expression, self analysis, and pro-socialization through holistic and multicultural activities and techniques. These techniques include the use of human development and psychological theories and principles.


The SEC is accredited by World Metaphysical Association (WMA) and registered with the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH) to provide training and certification in various activities offered at SEC. The WMA also provides guidance and support for SEC and its members.


Dr. Donald Chandler Jr. is the facilitator and director of training at SEC. You can contact Dr. Chandler at 214-694-5834 or for more information regarding SEC. If there is an emergency or clinical issue, you should contact a local healthcare professional or dial 911. Dr. Chandler is a licensed professional counselor supervisor (LPC-S) in Texas and Tennessee. His Ph.D. and master's degree is in Psychology. Donald S. Chandler, MD (FAAP) and Gwendolyn Chandler, MS are the healthcare advisory members of SEC. Anura Dawn is a Distinguished Member of SEC and accepts referrals for metaphysical services. You can contact her at Overall, the SEC Advisory Members provide guidance and feedback to SEC regarding services, training, and programming.


SEC offers various services and programs throughout the year:

A. Internship/Practicum Training

Based on the rules set forth by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, designated and eligible members of SEC can participate internship and practicum training under the supervision of Dr. Chandler. The supervision approach is a humanistic consultative approach that centers on the student's life experiences as a counselor or life coach. The practicum will consist of 300 clock hours of counseling-related experience. The internship program is dedicated to those seeking a license as a professional counselor (LPC) in Texas. The internship can be completed in a minimum of 18 months (a total of 3,000 clock hours in which 1,500 is direct counseling related experience). A minimum of 4 hours of supervision will be required (usually the first Fridays at Chandler Medical Plaza). 50% of the supervision may be done by live Internet webcam. There are didactic and self reflection discussions and training on the Discussion (Message) board of this site to facilitate training (LEVEL 1- LEVEL 4). A supervisor agreement must be approved and signed before the approval of internship hours by the State of Texas. Supervision and experience can be done on or off site depending of the student interests and availability. The training program will consist, but not limited to the following areas:

1. Eclectic Psychotherapy Conceptualization, Consultations & Techniques

2. Record keeping

3. Life Coaching

4. Diagnostics, Assessments, & Evaluations

5. Professionalism, Ethics and Law

6. Multiculturalism & Diversity

B. The Playhouse for Children & Families:

The Playhouse is life coaching and counseling program in North Oak Cliff (Dallas, Texas) designed to assist at-risk families and children (ages 6-16). It is in collaboration with Chandler Medical Plaza. The program is designed to assist pediatricians, psychiatrists, and other primary care physicians with psychotherapy, consultations, life coaching, and counseling services for at-risk children and families with emotional and behavioral problems. The services include the following goals:

1. Improving self-expression and relaxation

2. Encouraging pro-socialization

3. Enhancing safety and supervision

4. Improving community linkages and supportive networks

We accept Texas Medicaid for eligible clients and families. Please contact Dr. Chandler at 214-694-5834 for more details.


SEC provides an international psycho-history forum for those interested in the relationship between psycho-dynamic theory, historical accounts and ancestry. The forum provides opportunities of scholars, students and genealogists to discuss the generational affects of issues such as war, slavery, and genocide.


SEC provides monthly networkers, online discussions, continuing education, forums, and community events through out the year. The topics include but not limited to the following:

1. Meditation

2. Expressive arts

3. Psychological theory, research and practice

4. Holistic approaches

5. Psychology of art and fashion

6. Psycho-history and related areas.


All fees may be paid through the Meetup site, Paypal, or through checks sent to the following address:

CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC

424 S. Corinth St. Rd.

Dallas, Texas, 75203

You may also contact Dr. Chandler at 214-694-5834 regarding financial arrangements.


The Ethical Tenets of Membership & Certification

In joining SEC, Members agree to abide by the ethical tenets of the group and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Failure to do so, may result in the termination of membership, supervision, and suspension of certification. SEC follows the ethical tenets related to the American Psychological Association (APA), the American Counseling Association (ACA), the World Metaphysical Association (WMA), and other applicable human related fields. The ethical tenets of SEC are noted as the following:

Section 1. Respect & Dignity

Section 1 (a). All members and facilitators are expected to support the commitment to diversity and multiculturalism through all activities, including professional activities and discussions. This means that all members must interact and communicate in a manner that reflects respect and dignity; and to acknowledge the creative, spiritual, and scientific works of others.

Section 1 (b). All members who provide services and training must maintain professional boundaries between themselves and clients. Practitioners should avoid dual relationships as much as possible,

Section 2. Justice & Social Consciousness

Section 2 (a). All members are expected to support justice and to do no harm in the pursuit of knowledge and creativity produced by and from the interactions of the Society and beyond.

Section 2 (b). All members should take reasonable steps to protect clients, children, and the elderly from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Section 2 (c) All members are expected to promote equality and diversity within their scope of practice and teaching.

Section 3. Integrity & Fidelity. Members who provide life coaching, spiritual work, or other helping activities; it must be provided within the scope of their verified and legitimized qualifications and training. They must also perform duties at the consent of the client or student. All member must utilize confidentiality as much as possible.

Section 3 (a). All members are expected to maintain integrity when necessary; and to uphold fidelity and genuineness in their interactions with other members of the Society, students, and the community at large.

Section 3 (b). All members are expected to maintain policies and procedures while providing service related activities. This includes but not limited to providing practice policies outlining the nature and scope of their services and the appropriate referrals, fees, license, and certifications.

Section 4. Commitment

Section 4(a). All members must maintain their skills through active participation through responding to organizer emails, discussions, and RSVPed events. Those who attend paid seminars or training are expected to pay for all training and certifications in a timely manner. Those who know fail to have active participation and/or fail to attend RSVPed events, may be subjected to removal. Members without any activity within 90 days is subjected to removal form SEC.

Section 5. Advisory Meetings & Enforcement

When joining SEC, the members accept and agree to abide by the ethics code of SEC. Advisory meetings are provided to enforce the ethics code and make determinations regarding the status of SEC if deemed applicable.

Section 6. Conflict Resolution

When joining SEC, all Members will utilize the Conflict Resolution practices noted by CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC:

If a complaint or dispute arises regarding SEC the following level system will be utilized prior to any legal action:

Level 1: The Member, non-member, and/or Advisory Member(s) will address and seek resolution regarding a particular issue and/or event related to SEC.

Level 2: The Member, non-member, and/or Advisory Member(s) will address and seek resolution regarding a particular issue and/or event related to SEC utilizing a mediator and/or an arbitration. The meditation process will abide by the American Arbitrators Association and/or other related national organizations.


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