• The Soul of Beauty: Creating Authentic Presence from the Inside Out

    I’ve harnessed all my superpowers and combined all my backgrounds as a Spiritual Teacher, Confidence Coach and Image Consultant to share the secrets behind creating an authentic presence that will help you attract all the things in life you want. Come join me for a 2-hour mini-workshop to learn why embracing your personal beauty is essential to your spiritual growth. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-soul-of-beauty-creating-authentic-presence-from-the-inside-out-tickets-36673414169) During our time together you will: • Uncover the remarkably easy, step-by-step process to becoming radiantly confident--regardless of what you might think about your appearance • Learn the #1 reason you are consumed by fear and failure and how this affects your personal presence—and what to do about it so you are no longer at the mercy of negative self-talk • Find clarity about what you are being called to do—so you can finally unleash your confidence and step into your highest calling of making a positive impact in the world CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-soul-of-beauty-creating-authentic-presence-from-the-inside-out-tickets-36673414169) This is for you if: • You are hiding, playing small and struggling with that inner voice that says you are not good enough to live the life you really want • You feel insecure about your physical appearance or hold yourself back due to lack of self-confidence • You have a nagging feeling you are being called to do something totally different, maybe even outside of the box, but you don’t know where to start (or even if you should!) • You’ve tried Law of Attraction techniques, meditations and affirmations, but nothing seems to work and you’re still stuck! Seats are limited so register right away to reserve your spot. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-soul-of-beauty-creating-authentic-presence-from-the-inside-out-tickets-36673414169)