400 Year Commemoration First Enslaved Africans Brought to America MEET AND GREET

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August 25, 2019 marks 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were brought and sold in America.

We will discuss the contribution African Americans have made to the world. We can no longer say to America, because the contributions have been so great it cannot be contained. Every major milestone this world has experienced, the African American has been in the mix. LATIMER with the light bulb, the computer and cell phone would not be possible without our innovative mind.....open heart surgery and more will be discussed.

We will Serve Tea and Desert on the cherry of conversations .....The Multi Billion Dollar Music Industry. From American Idol, The Grammies, The Voice, American Band Stand, Woodstock, and so on would not exist without the music that came from the Black man and Woman’s Soul. So why are we still at the bottom of the economic totem pole? What if royalties were paid to every Black American when rock and roll, country, jazz, blues, hip hop was used by other nations? Penny for your thoughts.