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Time to get your 日本語勉強 on!!
That's right kids, the big and daunting JLPT signup is looming over our heads, taunting us to dust off those textbooks and flex our Nihongo muscles.
Starting Aug 26th you can sign up for the Japanese Language proficiency test. More info here:

The test is on December 1st.

Yes that IS the Sunday of the long weekend where we can stuff our faces full of turkey and stay up all night in front of Best Buy to buy our long awaited PS BOX 5 with new mind reading technology and super distraction display.
Or you can be one of the cool kids, cramming kanji into your brain as fervently as 1000 people fighting over the last Tickle Me Elmo that's 50% off.

To readily prepare against this epic battle of Nihongo skills, starting September 4th I will be spending EVERY Wednesday evening evaluating my battle plan against 2000 kanji at the Starbucks at on 8 mile in Northville.
I will be shooting for N1, which will be a kamikaze mission to say the least but I've already defeated N2 so there is no turning back for me.

Anyone of all levels are welcome to join, but bare in mind the secret turkey spies will be listening trying to lure us away from our studies and focus on sweet sweet holiday deals instead. So we must speak ONLY in Japanese for at least one hour so no one will understand our secret battle plan to defeat this test and avoid the lure of amazing deals and delicious turkey.
... You can still have the turkey, but you better be carving kanji into it while you are carving your slice!

Of course I really hope we keep up with the Japanese Conversation meetups that we have been doing as well! I hope the Wednesday study sessions help us stay focused on our goal of passing the test!

So if you just come for one week or if you join me for every week, please let me know if you are interested. If interest is big enough I will post this every week once we start.
If interest isn't that big then I won't post but I will be there alone with my battle textbooks of choice every Wednesday.

Remember kids, this isn't a study session. THIS.... IS... NIHONGO!!!!

To victory!!

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