Popcorn Frights - Knives and Skin


Surreal forces lurk behind the fluorescent facade of an unassuming town in the richly weird, hyper-stylized, and dream-like teenage nightmare KNIVES AND SKIN that mixes Lynchian thrills with gleeful musicals. Sophomore year of high-school is upended when Carolyn Harper suddenly vanishes after being abandoned at the lake by her jock boyfriend. In the wake of her mysterious disappearance, a dark abyss widens and a wave of anxiety and mistrust permeates through the small town, the high-school halls, and beyond. Neon-drenched cinematography, moody synthesizers, and acapella covers of 1980s New Wave hits by the likes of New Order, Cyndi Lauper and The Go-Go’s sets the ominous tone of this gothic teen noir that evokes the surreal dreamscape of Twin Peaks, the mean-girl existential malaise of Heathers, and John Hughes’ angst voice of teendom. Featuring a brooding electronic score by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s guitarist Nick Zinner, whose noir-ish Angelo Badalamenti undertones adds to this film’s already boldly rich, strange, and original flavor.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/325181448

Tickets: https://popcornfrights.com/film/kas/